2009 NHL Loser Challenge

Contest Details

Predict a loser for 30 days of the NHL season, only using each team once.

This contest is open to the public.

This contest ended on April 11, 2009.

Current Prize Breakdown

1st — 70.00% (0.00)
2nd — 20.00% (0.00)
3rd — 10.00% (0.00)


  1. Predict one team to lose on selected days of the 2009 NHL schedule. You will accumulate points for each correct prediction, with the amount increasing for consecutive correct predictions.
    1. Base Fantasy Points (first correct prediction) — 1 point
    2. Consecutive Bonus (add for each consecutive correct prediction) — 2 points
    Pick a team to lose and they win, your next correct prediction returns to the Base Fantasy Points.
    Table A: Scoring Example
    Consecutive correct prediction Fantasy Points
    1 1 point
    2 1 + 2 = 3 points
    3 1 + 2 + 2 = 5 points
    4 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 7 points
    ... ...
    30 1 + (29 x 2) = 59 points
    Table B: Scoring Example
    Day Result of team predicted to lose Fantasy Points (Accumulated Total)
    1 L (Correct) 1 point (1)
    2 L (Correct) 3 points (4)
    3 W (Incorrect) 0 points (4)
    4 L (Correct) 1 point (5)
    5 L (Correct) 3 points (8)
    6 L (Correct) 5 points (13)
  2. Each NHL team may be picked as a losing team no more than one (1) time during the contest. There are 8 weeks of 4 days each (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays) except for the first and last weeks which only have 3 days for a total of 30 days to predict a loser for, and 30 teams to use. The number of appearances each team makes may not be equal and all teams do not play every day.
  3. Points earned for each correct prediction are accumulated and the goal of the contest is to accumulate the most points possible.
  4. A loss is a loss is a loss. Regulation time, overtime, and shootout losses all count as a loss. The team that loses will have fewer goals than its opponent.
  5. Predictions can be made by clicking the Pick Loser link from your pool home page at overtimecentral.ca. If a prediction for a day is not made, a random Loser selection will be submitted from your remaining team selections. Predictions can be made in advance and changed at any time before the pick deadline (game time of first game of the day). If there are difficulties accessing the website, please submit your picks via e-mail to admin@overtimecentral.ca prior to the deadline.
  6. You require a Overtime Central account to play. An e-mail address is required to create an account. One account per email address.
  7. A team name must be submitted with the contest entry form. Your team name will be used for publishing purposes. Your e-mail address will not be published to other participants unless your privacy settings allow. Pool prize winners' names will be published to all participants of the pool via the web.
  8. The entry fee for this contest is free.
  9. The entry deadline is prior to the first game on March 17, 2009 5:00 pm CST. The first day to make picks is February 19, 2009.
  10. Prizes will be awarded as follows:
    1. First Place - trophy
    2. Second Place - certificate of achievement
    3. Third Place - certificate of achievement
    Weekly and special prizes may also be awarded.
  11. Updates will be provided online and by text e-mail weekly or as time permits. You must sign up online for e-mail updates.
  12. The nhl.com website final published scores will serve as the official scores.
  13. All disputes will be ruled on by the administrator of the pool, Jon Fedyk, who may be a participant.

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