2004 WCH Draft

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Overtime Central 2004 WCH Canada vs World Draft

This contest is open to the public.

This contest ended on September 14, 2004.

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Select the top scorers and goaltender for the 2004 World Cup of Hockey round robin and playoff games. Per the scoring system below, you will accumulate points based on the points accumulated by your players selected.

Table A: Scoring Definition
PositionStatisticFantasy Points
Forwards &
Goals &
1 point
GoaltendersWins2 points
Shutouts1 point

Entries will be ranked in descending order by the total number of points accumulated by their players for the 2004 World Cup of Hockey games. The object of the contest is to accumulate the most points.

Predictions can be made by clicking the Pick Team link from your WCH draft home page at www.overtimecentral.homedns.org. You must select one player from 16 groups. You select your players once and they remain your team selections for the life of the contest. The groups are defined as per the table below.

Table A: Group Definition
Groups 1-9Forwards
Groups 10-14Defencemen
Group 15Goaltenders
Group 16
Bonus group
Remaining Forwards and

You must sign up for an Overtime Central account if you do not already have one. An e-mail address is required to create an account.

A team name must be submitted with the online entry form. The team name will be used for publishing purposes. Your e-mail address will not be published to other participants. Pool prize winners' names will be published to all participants of the pool. Personal information is not used or sold for any other purpose. Please see the Overtime Central privacy policy for more information.

There is no Overtime Central Credit cost associated with this contest. It is operated free of charge.

The entry deadline for this contest is the start of the first game of the WCH which is August 30, 2004 9:00 AM CST (MDT).

Prizes will be awarded as follows:
First Place - 10 Contest Credits at Overtime Central

Updates will be provided online and by text e-mail weekly or as time permits. You must sign up online for e-mail updates.

TSN.ca website final published statistics will serve as the official statistics.

All disputes will be ruled on by the administrator of the pool, Jon Fedyk, who may be a participant.

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