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Sad State of Affairs

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010 by Jon

So here are a few things that really show how most sport has ceased to have any value except commercial today:

  • in an escalation of the past two plus years, CTV and TSN are ramping up their Olympic rhetoric and Believe campaign with local affiliates now in the fray.  Even more disgusting is the Buy Own the Podium campaign.  Wasn’t the Olympic movement based on amateur athletic achievement, not who could buy the most medals?  More on the Olympic sellout perhaps in a later post.
  • the effort of Pepsi to push their stupid, contrived Canada chant at the World Junior Hockey Championships in a run up to the Olympics.  What is wrong with Go Canada Go?  Their contest was flawed in its entirety since Canada already had chants, much like those of the other countries mentioned.  Pure marketing for web page views and to sell some more Pepsi.  Drowning out natural chants of Go Canada Go is wrong.  It is time people quit falling for gimmicks to create chants for companies and getting their name in the HHOF.  Thankfully their attempt for this to go viral via youtube, facebook, twitter, etc. so it can be spontaneous at the Olympics doesn’t appear to be working.
  • overpaid hockey players who want to go out and live the high life, but don’t want to pay the bill, whether it is a few thousand dollar bar tab or a few bucks for a cab.
  • reading books about the old days when athletes got paid a good wage, had some fun times, but played for the love of the game and a desire to win.  Despite the lip service today’s professional athletes pay to that if asked, I would guess the majority wouldn’t be playing if salaries were a fraction of what they are.  This will eventually hurt the million dollar salary leagues as fan loyalty to the home team requires some people you want to cheer for.

There are more, but I’ve forgotten them already.

The Downward Spiral of the NHL

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009 by Jon

The NHL has become increasingly irrelevant to me.  About 20 years or so ago (was the Gretzky trade the edge of the cliff?) the NHL started its downward spiral.  This is not about the popularity of the league; it brings in more money in Canada today than 30 years ago when it had more franchises.  It is about losing the appeal of the game, the magic if you will, in attempting to mimic the three other major US sports leagues to increase revenue in the United States.


Government Controlled Sports Wagers

Sunday, February 15th, 2009 by Jon

Legalized sports gambling is coming to more jurisdictions in the United States.  This is prompting thoughts that Canadian governments need to get into the sports wagering action lest they be left outside of this lucrative revenue stream.  The argument made is the moral question is dead, failure to act will leave provincial governments out of a growing gambling revenue stream, attract more money from outside the jurisdiction in the form of tourists, and see less money from local citizens be gambled elsewhere.  No one seems to look at the other factors to be considered around this issue.


Sports as Entertainment

Sunday, February 1st, 2009 by Jon

I’ve long held sports as a greater form of entertainment.  To me it hasn’t been a way to pass the time like television and a lot of movies — immediately enjoyable but soon forgotten.  Nor is sports at the same level as movies at the high end of the scale in terms of a story or examination of a subject and the theater, opera or concerts.  Sports is different as most people early in their lives participate in sports and competitions and relate to watching sports as a result.  There is a civic or group pride to sports that is not found in any other form of entertainment.  When it comes to reach the largest mass of people though, the game and civic pride won’t produce the interest the leagues and networks demand.  Today it seems like the media are minimizing the sports in an effort to produce a spectacle and entertainment that will appeal to the masses in order to maximize their ratings and profits.  Look no further than the Super Bowl for the leader in producing pomp that has nothing to do with the game that is the root of the day.


Fighting in Hockey: Hawks vs Doves

Saturday, January 24th, 2009 by Jon

The debate on fighting in hockey is bubbling up again due to recent events.  Unfortunately it has become more polarized than ever with no sense or reason added to the discussion.  You are either a hard-line hawk who says any changes to eliminate fighting from the game will make it a game for sissies and increase other non-pugilistic violence.  Anyone even suggesting the current state needs to be changed is portrayed as a dove looking for the absolute banishment of fighting from the game.


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