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My Chance Encounter with the Giz

Monday, October 2nd, 2006 by Wang

[Ed. – To celebrate the Canadian Football Hall of Fame weekend in which Henry Williams was one of the inductees, Overtime Central presents this tale from guest author Jim Fedyk.]

With the induction of Henry ‘Gizmo’ Williams into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, I was reminded of my own short brush with greatness. The greatness I speak of, of course, is the legendary Giz himself. Here is my account.

It all happened in Regina, downtown outside the Cornwall Center in fact. You see, it was summertime and I was working as a security guard on a mission to take down the shoplifters ruining an otherwise fine city. It was an exciting time… Billy Ray Cyrus was hot and mullets were at their peak. Like Gizmo in many ways, I was winding and weaving my way through university at the time and because of my lack of an affluent background along with my parent’s desire for me to ‘build some character’, I was forced to work through the vacation months. Fate must have had a bigger plan for me that fine sunny day as I normally worked at the Hamilton Center, but on this particular afternoon kismet decided that I be called in to replace someone.

Hindsight is 20/20

Sunday, September 10th, 2006 by Wang

[Ed. – We are pleased to feature the following article from special guest author Jim Fedyk. Jim was well travelled in Saskatchewan hockey circles in the late 90’s. He currently resides in Seoul, South Korea.]

As some of you know, my chosen profession before I went abroad was that of a hockey coach. I thought I would share a recruiting story with you.

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