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Government Controlled Sports Wagers

Sunday, February 15th, 2009 by Jon

Legalized sports gambling is coming to more jurisdictions in the United States.  This is prompting thoughts that Canadian governments need to get into the sports wagering action lest they be left outside of this lucrative revenue stream.  The argument made is the moral question is dead, failure to act will leave provincial governments out of a growing gambling revenue stream, attract more money from outside the jurisdiction in the form of tourists, and see less money from local citizens be gambled elsewhere.  No one seems to look at the other factors to be considered around this issue.


How Do You Run a Grey Cup Pool?

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008 by Jon

This post is inspired by a perusal through my web logs and finding a visitor arriving based on the search phrase “how to run a grey cup pool”.  I don’t know why specifically Overtime Central would turn up for this phrase.  I obviously talk a lot about pools and contests and the CFL and Grey Cup.  I have run some CFL playoff pick-the-score contests.  But I have never really given advice on how to run any kind of pool.  I feel the visitor left empty handed and perhaps slightly less impressed with Overtime Central.

I have planned on adding a Pool Board contest type to Overtime Central for use with Grey Cups and the like.  That is still in the works.  It is a little harder to do on a website and requires a little greater clientele that what I have (by my calculations a 0-20 score board would have 441 squares).  Someday I will get to it.

You don’t see pool boards to often anymore except in small towns and perhaps Legion Halls.  They’ve been replaced by the pool ticket schemes that minor hockey and football teams use a fundraisers.  Totally anonymous and set to scale for our modern world.  They can’t beat writing your name on a board and seeing some good scores written in for your squares.

Not likely my visitor was looking for advice on running a pool board, though.  I expect they were in charge of creating a Grey Cup ticket pool for a child’s fund raising effort.  I’ve never run one so I open it up to commenters who may stumble upon this post to add a little advice on how to go about running a Grey Cup pool.

New Focus

Monday, September 1st, 2008 by Jon

After some time off this summer to regroup and focus on other things, it is time to return to posting here at Overtime Central. I’ve worked out more of a plan for this site and the Overtime plugin. First, the goal for me is to get the plugin finished and ready for public consumption as a 1.0 release. I have been thinking and planning a lot over the summer as to what is required, now I need to find the cycles to finish the development required.

I’m also going to shift the focus of posts. Topics will include the Overtime plugin, the development process, different fantasy contests and the world of fantasy sports as it appeals to me. Posting on the progress of development and features of the plugin I hope will provide an opportunity for feedback from interested parties, although I don’t expect much until the plugin is officially released and publicized. I won’t commit to any post frequency, but hope to post on a regular basis.

Finally, Overtime Central will only host private contests from now on. I’ve decided the stress of managing public contests is not needed and interferes with my other focus. As time permits I will still hold the odd private contest for my usual group of associates.

Cancellation of Contests

Friday, June 27th, 2008 by Jon

I am disappointed to announce that with our sponsor,, I have decided to cancel the 2008 CFL Pick ’em contest. All private contests have also been cancelled.

Entries received as of today for the public Pick ’em contest are short of the required 20 entries as specified in section 4, point 6 of the rules. All entries and new accounts will be deleted today.

After much deliberation and consideration of the options and a sleepless night, I have decided it is best to take this year off, regroup and prepare for next season. Due to other commitments, the preparation and launch of the contest was left later than desired, but I still tried to push through all the work necessary in a couple weeks. This resulted in the contest not receiving the exposure it should have, with only a quarter of the regulars signing up, and the contest not being fully ready for the new season.

The lack of participants was only a minor factor in the decision. Last night, after reviewing the entry count, I considered continuing on with the contest with perhaps an adjusted prize list. However, after getting into some of the contest setup remaining for automation of emails and updates, I realized I had forgot some major work that needed to be done. With an already busy schedule at work and lots of overtime the past six months, I wasn’t looking forward to putting time in to patch the system to the point it would work. Instead, I decided I should take a period off, get some things off my plate, then focus on getting the system ready for next year. Without any contests taking up my time, this will be the best option for me to get the code quality to where I want it to be.

So basically I jumped the gun here, pushing forward because I did not want another year to go by. My busy work schedule left me unaware of just exactly what tasks I had remaining for this year. I feel the final outcome will be better by taking a break and getting the code completed rather than in a good-enough state.

I hope everyone will understand this position. I would like to thank all participants that signed up and for their sponsorship. Check back next year for what contests we have available.

One Day to CFL Season, Pick ’em Start

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008 by Jon

I am really excited about the upcoming CFL season. I am trying my first public CFL contest, sponsored by, the 2008 CFL Pick ’em Challenge. In a nutshell, predict the scores of each CFL game every week and earn fantasy points based on your prediction accuracy. The season launches tomorrow with a double-header on TSN. Late entries will receive the default score, 21-0 for the home team, for games missed so you still have a chance if you found out about the contest late. Sign up now for the most fun!

There have been a lot of account creations, but not as many entering the contest. I will outline the procedure in case it is not clear. First, you must create an account, which requires a valid email address (I do need to contact you if you win!). I hate spam too, so don’t worry, your email address will not be sold. After creating an account and signing in with the password emailed to you (check your spam filters), enter the contest by entering a team name, selecting the Pick ’em Challenge contest and accepting the terms and conditions in the sidebar Contest Signup section. After you have entered the contest, a link to your entry home page will appear in the sidebar. Follow the link to see the contest status and make your picks. Not as easy as it could be; I will work on improving the flow in the future. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment here.

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