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Site and Contest Update

Wednesday, August 10th, 2005 by Jon

We owe an update to all our loyal visitors wondering what is happening at Overtime Central.

2005 CFL Draft

We are working on the statistic and standings update for the first segment. It is taking a little longer than we thought, but we are working on the infrastructure to automate this process in the future instead of taking the time to perform the update manually just to get it done. We expect the results to be ready by the end of the weekend or early next week.

2005 CFL Pool Stats Page

Now on the back burner, the League/Team Record and Scoring stats page was implemented a week or so ago. It has not undergone final testing, so it is in an alpha state. However we are announcing it now so you may start using it to help improve your picks and help test it for us. Providing more statistical information will be a focus for us this fall as we continue to improve the site.

Missing Team Bug

The missing team bug was discovered and corrected this past weekend. It turned out to be a data bug and we believe we have corrected the issue that was causing the data issue. If it does occur again, please report it immediately and we will correct it promptly.

URL Redirection

A change was implemented this week to redirect all visitors to Previously the URLs and would both direct to the site. We have now just consolidated it down to the simple This would affect any visitor who normally visited and had a persistent logon. Since this was cookie based, the redirect to would appear as a new domain and the cookie would not be picked up, requiring you to logon again. This will not affect any bookmarks to the old address; the www address will continue to be redirected to the correct URL.

CFL Draft Deadline Extended

Monday, June 27th, 2005 by Jon

The initial pick deadline for the Overtime Central 2005 CFL Draft has been extended to July 7, 5:30 PM CST (MDT). This change was made so entry managers can evaluate the CFL talent for a few weeks before making their first selections. Stats and fantasy points will still be accumulated from the start of the season. If you know of anyone who wishes to sign up, point them to the site.

Site updates coming this week to accommodate this change will be a posting of the 2005 CFL Draft rules and scoring guidelines and an update of the player lists to better reflect the active players and their respective teams.

It has been decided that the 2005 CFL Pool will officially start with Week 1 of the season. It didn’t seem fair to throw out good results for some entries. Entries are still open, and with a long season and surprise monthly and weekly prizes, signing up can still be worthwhile to anyone.

Let us know what you think. Leave your feedback here.

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  • May 15, 2007
    Globe and Mail Breaks Palmer Group Bow Out → Shortly after the Globe and Mail‘s story this morning reporting that the Bill Palmer group was withdrawing from bidding for a CFL franchise in Ottawa, the CFL released a short press release stating the CFL was focussing on “new opportunities” from strong interest expressed by several parties. Then the story was picked up by all media outlets. The consensus? No one believes there are actual other parties interested. #
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