The extended intermission continues here at Overtime Central.  I have some off-line things to deal with that have taken away any time for this site.  There will be a lack of posts  and polls (which have tailed off the past couple years anyway) and no private contests this year.

Hopefully the break will allow me to regroup and return with the vision as to where I want this site to go.  Until then, I will still monitor the site and keep it safe from attackers and spammers, but otherwise things will be quiet.

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OC Jottings

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  • January 7, 2007
    More Bomber Sale Details → Franchise is worth $8-10 million (by new standards) so Asper gets a portion or all of it for partly funding new $100 million stadium. I cannot see how a private/public partnership could work; if Asper buys the Bombers, I think it would have to be 100%. I think there will be a lot more questions asked before this goes through. #
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