Winter’s Prelude

It has been a long time since I posted here.  Time has a way of passing you by when you are not looking.  I have some ideas for some posts, but fleshing them out has always taken a lower priority than other work.  We will see what will happen this winter.

I held another set of challenging CFL contests this year.  It was a challenging year in the CFL, with parity making picks much tougher.  Everything culminated with winter’s prelude, an exciting Grey Cup.  Although the outcome disappointed many, it was a tremendous comeback by the Montreal Alouettes.

Before we get fully into hockey season, it is time to check your Grey Cup tickets and pool boards.  If you want the quarter scores from this year’s championship, head over to cfldb.  While you are there, check out some of the information they have added like a searchable CFL rulebook and CFL videos.

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OC Jottings

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  • August 21, 2007
    Reporter Makes Incorrect Statement About Kickoff Scoring → Not exactly true:

    The CFL has quietly stopped awarding a point for kickoffs that go into or through the endzone.

    As far as I remember, this has been in place for a few years now. The CFL wouldn’t silently stop awarding points unless the rule was changed this year and I know it wasn’t on the list of 2007 changes. I couldn’t track down a rule books to prove when it was changed, though. Anyone have any idea when this changed? #
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