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How Do You Run a Grey Cup Pool?

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008 by Jon

This post is inspired by a perusal through my web logs and finding a visitor arriving based on the search phrase “how to run a grey cup pool”.  I don’t know why specifically Overtime Central would turn up for this phrase.  I obviously talk a lot about pools and contests and the CFL and Grey Cup.  I have run some CFL playoff pick-the-score contests.  But I have never really given advice on how to run any kind of pool.  I feel the visitor left empty handed and perhaps slightly less impressed with Overtime Central.

I have planned on adding a Pool Board contest type to Overtime Central for use with Grey Cups and the like.  That is still in the works.  It is a little harder to do on a website and requires a little greater clientele that what I have (by my calculations a 0-20 score board would have 441 squares).  Someday I will get to it.

You don’t see pool boards to often anymore except in small towns and perhaps Legion Halls.  They’ve been replaced by the pool ticket schemes that minor hockey and football teams use a fundraisers.  Totally anonymous and set to scale for our modern world.  They can’t beat writing your name on a board and seeing some good scores written in for your squares.

Not likely my visitor was looking for advice on running a pool board, though.  I expect they were in charge of creating a Grey Cup ticket pool for a child’s fund raising effort.  I’ve never run one so I open it up to commenters who may stumble upon this post to add a little advice on how to go about running a Grey Cup pool.

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