New Focus

After some time off this summer to regroup and focus on other things, it is time to return to posting here at Overtime Central. I’ve worked out more of a plan for this site and the Overtime plugin. First, the goal for me is to get the plugin finished and ready for public consumption as a 1.0 release. I have been thinking and planning a lot over the summer as to what is required, now I need to find the cycles to finish the development required.

I’m also going to shift the focus of posts. Topics will include the Overtime plugin, the development process, different fantasy contests and the world of fantasy sports as it appeals to me. Posting on the progress of development and features of the plugin I hope will provide an opportunity for feedback from interested parties, although I don’t expect much until the plugin is officially released and publicized. I won’t commit to any post frequency, but hope to post on a regular basis.

Finally, Overtime Central will only host private contests from now on. I’ve decided the stress of managing public contests is not needed and interferes with my other focus. As time permits I will still hold the odd private contest for my usual group of associates.

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OC Jottings

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  • August 15, 2007
    Gass Appeals Suspension Again → Maciocia saying Gass “launched a helmet down field in dead space” is like a kid saying all I did was throw this candy wrapper on the floor when in fact he pushed his brother down, stole his candy, ate it and then threw the wrapper on the floor. Only the kid ignores the actions prior to the so called innocent act; the parents don’t. An independent arbitrator should uphold this suspension. #
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