Announcing the 2008 CFL Pick ’em Challenge

Overtime Central is pleased to announce, together with our sponsor, our latest CFL contest. The 2008 CFL Pick ’em Challenge will test any CFL fans’ prognostication skills in predicting the score of all 72 regular season CFL games to earn fantasy points and win prizes. Best of all, it is free.

Our initial free contest open to the public, has graciously stepped forward to provide $150 in prizes for this contest. First place will receive a 2GB iPod Shuffle, second place a $50 Sony Store Gift Card and third place a $25 Ciniplex Gift Card. Call this our first toe in the water. The success of this contest will determine the free contests we hold in the future and the quality of the prizes.

The season starts June 26, so check out the rules, get entered today, then tell your friends. This is a public contest, so feel free to post and link to Overtime Central. In 2008, “This is Our League” is the CFL‘s new motto, so show off your CFL pride by entering our contest. You just may win a prize while you are having a good time.

4 Responses to “Announcing the 2008 CFL Pick ’em Challenge”

  1. Wang Says:

    So this is open to Canada residents only I see. Where does that leave me?

  2. Jon Says:

    In South Korea somewhere I think.

  3. Wang Says:

    Show me your proof.

  4. Jon Says:

    For all I know, you are on the island with Sawyer. So go ahead, I won’t be checking proof of citizenship.

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