We’re Back!

Ready for another exciting CFL season, Overtime Central is back after a little hiatus through the hockey playoffs. The first week of the CFL season is completed already and the regular season gets underway in less than two weeks on June 26 with two games. Overtime Central is ready to launch a full slate of contests soon, with some interesting new developments this year. I have also finished a round of improvements on the site, improving response time by a factor ranging from 2 to 10 times for every page. I hope this will provide a better experience for you during your visits to the site.

Check back for the announcement of the full slate of Overtime Central 2008 CFL contests in the next week. There are some great prizes this year and I believe this will be Overtime Central’s best year yet. As always, if you have feedback, suggestions or something to get off your chest, leave a comment or use the contact address.

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  • October 6, 2007
    Keep NFL out of T.O. → While the intent is honourable, portraying the attitude the CFL can’t compete, is on shaky ground and not worthy of anyone’s attention does not help it in battling age old stereotypes. Based on the last 10 years the CFL should be portrayed as a strong, dynamic, vibrant league that the majority of Canadians support and watch. #
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