2008 NHL Loser Challenge Winners Announced

After 30 days of gruelling competition, the NHL Loser Challenge has come to completion and the final results are surprising.

Early battles had Kerri’s Kool Kats and The Biggest Loser battling for first place in the first 3 weeks. The Kool Kats claimed solo possession of first for days 10 and 11 before Team Dynamite wrested it from them for the next 3 days. At the mid-point of the contest, the Winnipeg Jets gave hope to their fans by claiming first for day 15. This was followed by four days of reign by the Kool Kats who were overcome by upstart Aloha Arlene. After four days at the top, the Arlene’s gave way to Team Dynamite who led the rest of the way, after both the Aloha Arlene’s and Team Dynamite forfeited on their last pick when they ran out of valid picks, taking away the last chance the Arlene’s had to tie Team Dynamite and split the first and second place prizes.

It is with pride we announce Team Dynamite have won the inaugural 2008 NHL Loser Challenge. Coaches Noah and Cole take home $70 for their first place finish with 72 points. Finishing in second with 63 points were the Aloha Arlene’s, coached surprisingly by Arlene, who takes home $20. With a strong season, staying in the mix the whole time, Team Husky, coached by Logan, takes home $10 for their third place finish with 59 points.

Awarded the Diamond Dave trophy this contest, and picking up $10 for his last place finish, was The Bourne Loser (2008), coached by Jim. Jim struggled the whole contest with his built-in instincts to pick winners and finished 11 behind ninth place with 21 points.

Account balances have been updated. Thanks to all that played. There will be no playoff hockey contest this year, but we hope to see you all back for more exciting CFL contests this summer.

One Response to “2008 NHL Loser Challenge Winners Announced”

  1. Wang Says:

    I don’t need yur pity!!!!!!! Donate my money to Logan, he deserves more than $10 for third.

    R.I.P. Diamond Dave

    Congrats kids, Noah, Cole, and Logan. Don’t let it go to your head.

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