New Loser Challenge Launched for NHL Season

Overtime Central is pleased to announce a exciting new contest for hockey fans this year. The 2008 NHL Loser Challenge is now available for sign up. In this contest, you pick one team to lose from the given games on 30 days of the NHL 2008 season. If you predict correctly, you are awarded 1 point for the first correct prediction, 3 points for the second correct consecutive prediction, 5 points for the third consecutive correct prediction and so on. An incorrect prediction starts your scoring back at 1 point for the next correct prediction. Not hard enough? You also can only pick each NHL team to lose once during the length of the contest. There are 30 days and 30 teams, but each team does not play an equal number of games, nor every night. See the full rules for more details.

Some tips on this contest and for new Overtime Central visitors.

  • Streaks are the key in this contest. The longer your losing streak, the more points you can score for your next correct prediction.
  • The NHL team records and winning/losing streaks listed next to teams on the pick page are updated daily every morning. They reflect the current team records so if you are predicting in advance, keep games not played in consideration.
  • Near the end of the contest, you may not have any valid teams to select as a loser for a given day if any of your remaining teams are not playing. This lack of a pick will be considered incorrect and break any streak you have. Plan you picks accordingly.
  • Sign up for reminder and status updates on a daily or weekly basis as well as pick confirmation emails in the preferences section on your contest home page.
  • The entry limit is 3 entries per account.

The contest starts January 29, so sign up today and tell your friends. I expect this new challenge to be a lot of fun.

In other news, the Overtime Central Poll is back. Look for site and contest specific polls starting this week.

3 Responses to “New Loser Challenge Launched for NHL Season”

  1. Jim Says:

    It says you can make your picks in advance. I’m assuming this means there’s no limit as to how far in advance you make your picks. (e.g. I could make all of my picks for the entire 10 weeks on day #1, correct?)

  2. Jim Says:

    Just checking because I might be taking a trip in Feb. I’m thinking me……..Gord………..Mexico? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  3. Jon Says:

    @Jim – Yes, make your picks all at once if you want. There may be an advantage to that, allows you to shuffle them around to make sure you have a pick every day. Maybe you can pay Gord in Mexico.

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