2007 CFL Pick ’em Pool Winners Announced

A close Grey Cup game concluded the 2007 CFL Pick ’em Pool Sunday. Early leader Team CLM, coached by Greg Kreutzer, hung on to win the latest Overtime Central CFL playoff contest.

Greg takes home $63 for his first place finish. Finishing in second was the Davin Bull Dogs, coached by Brent Gessner, who receives $18 in prize money. Leaping into third in the final week was Kerri’s Kool Kats, holding off Playoff Picks and PlayoffJunkie. Kool Kats coach Kerri Hysuick takes home $9.

Account balances are up to date. Winners can contact me about paying out prize money. Overtime Central congratulates all the winners and thanks all participants. See you next year!

4 Responses to “2007 CFL Pick ’em Pool Winners Announced”

  1. Kerri Hysuick Says:

    Thanks Jon for inviting the Kool Kats to be part of overtime central CFL drafts…it was good fun.

  2. Jon Says:

    Sure it’s fun when you win more than you lose… well, Jim didn’t like Gord winning all the time, but he didn’t say anything about you. ;-)

  3. CindyKreutzer Says:

    I can’t take any credit for Team CLM’s win, but I can share in the spoils.

  4. Jon Says:


    Nope. Cheque is made payable to Greg.

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