2007 CFL Contest Post-Season Awards

The following awards were handed out in a ceremony before this broadcast. See last year’s transcript for comparison.

2007 Overtime Central CFL Pool

Most Predictions Accurate Within 2 Points of Both Home and Visiting Team Scores

Davin Bulldogs (3)

Most Perfect Predictions

Tie: Davin Bulldogs and Victorious Secret (1)

Most Fantasy Point Games Over 10

Victorious Secret (7)
Honourable Mention: Davin Buldogs (6)

Most Two Fantasy Point Games

Tie: KimchiPower and Ottawa’09orBust (10)
Honourable Mention: BigMc_is_back (9)

Most One Fantasy Point Games

PowerEdge (14)
Honourable Mention: Davin Bulldogs (13)

Most Zero Fantasy Point Games

Tie: PowerEdge and KimchiPower (3)

Biggest Month Award

Victorious Secret (132 points in October)

Smallest Month Award

KimchiPower (45 points in July)

Biggest Week Award

BigMc_is_back (34 points in Week 5)
Honourable Mention: PoolJunkie (33 points in Week 10)

Smallest Week Award

PowerEdge (1 point in Week 8)
Honourable Mention: KimchiPower (3 points in Week 8)

Biggest Game Award

Davin Bulldogs (16 points)

Most Uses of Default Picks of 21-20 No Overtime Home Team Victory

A sign, but not a certainty, that the deadline was missed and the default picks were used.
PromisedLand (7)
Honourable Mention: Davin Bulldogs (6)

Best Team Name

Victorious Secret

Most Predictions That the ‘Riders Would Lose

Tie: KimchiPower and PowerEdge (6)
Honourable Mention: PoolJunkie (5)

Least Predictions That the ‘Riders Would Lose

Tie: Victorious Secret, BigMc_is_back and Davin Bulldogs (1)

Most Correct Predictions That the ‘Riders Would Lose

Pool Junkie (3)
Honourable Mentions: KimchiPower and Ottawa’09orBust (2)

Most Predictions That the ‘Riders Would Tie

PowerEdge (3)

Most Correct Predictions That the ‘Riders Would Win

Tie: Ottawa’09orBust, BigMc_is_back and Davin Bulldogs (12)
Honourable Mention: Victorious Secret (11)

2007 Overtime Central CFL Hi-Lo Challenge

Most Perfect Prediction Weeks

Tie: Hi’n’Lois and HiLoJunkie (2)

Most 10 or Over Fantasy Point Weeks

HiLoJunkie (10)
Honourable Mentions: Davin Bulldogs and Hi’n’Lois (8)

Most Zero Fantasy Point Weeks

It’s Off to Work We Go (12)
Honourable Mention: PowerEdge (10) [Ed. Note: What a couple!]

Biggest Month Award

Kerri’s Kool Kats (74 points in October)
Honourable Mentions: HiLoJunkie (73 points in October) and Vote Quimby! (72 points in July)

Smallest Month Award

It’s Off to Work We Go (0 points in September)

Biggest Week Award

Tie: Hi’n’Lois and CFL4ever (33 points in Week 14)
Honourable Mentions: HiLounkie (29 points in Week 17), Hi’n’Lois (28 points in Week 17) and Vote Quimby! (27 points in Week 5)

Best Team Name

Tie: Vote Quimby! and Hi’n’Lois (its so punny!)

Best Retro Team Name

Kerri’s Kool Kats

The Scratch Your Head Team Name Award

It’s Off to Work We Go

The Diamond Dave Award

In honour of Diamond Dave, who finished so far back in a contest one year, we could not find him afterwards.
It’s Off to Work We Go

2007 Overtime Central CFL Start ’em, Sit ’em Draft

Biggest Month Award

SitemJunkie (3608 points in September)
Honourable Mention: CFL4ever (3604 points in July)

Smallest Month Award

Power Edge finished last each month, the smallest total being 1050 in August. [Ed. Note: Believed that rumour about a booby prize, eh?]

Biggest Week Award

g’s_guesses (1108 points in Week 16)

Best Team Name

Not awarded. They were all pretty bad.

The Diamond Dave Award

In honour of Diamond Dave, who finished so far back in a contest one year, we could not find him afterwards.
PowerEdge (Everyone thanks you for the donation.)

That wraps up another award show. Please keep your acceptance speeches short.

One Response to “2007 CFL Contest Post-Season Awards”

  1. DavinSK Says:

    If I could have only been able to get all my predictions in I might have made some real ca$h…

    Thanks for the great year everyone!!! This site has improved so much over last year, now let the playoffs begin… “GO RIDERS GO”

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