2007 October Segment Winners Announced

The winners of the October segment for the CFL contests were announced earlier today.

  • The October segment winner of the 2007 CFL Pool is Victorious Secret, coached by Jim Fedyk, with 132 points.
  • The October segment winner of the 2007 CFL Hi-Lo Challenge is HiLoJunkie, coached by Gord Hanson, with 81 points.
  • The October segment winner of the 2007 CFL Start ‘em, Sit ‘em Draft is g’s_guesses, coached by Grant McKinnon, with 3467 points.

Prizes this month will be $5 Blockbuster Video gift cards. Winners should get in touch with me to claim their prize. Thanks to all participants and remember to sign up for the 2007 Playoff Pick ’em Pool.

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  • January 28, 2007
    Ottawa Citizen Reports Hurdles Cleared in Franchise Deal → The CFL or the Palmer ownership group is not commenting, but in a Ottawa Citizen story, also picked up by the CBC and TSN, two major financial issues have been agreed upon. With these issues resolved, the bidders need to work on player issues with the league as the last major issue. It is possible the framework could be in place to get tentative approval at the CFL Congress Feb. 12-15. The franchise would then have time to finalize negotiations for the stadium lease and team name to be awarded the franchise and be fully operational by training camps in May. #
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