Announcing the 2007 CFL Playoff Pick ’em Pool

Overtime Central is pleased to announce the 2007 CFL Playoff Pick ’em Pool. The contest is accepting entries immediately. After the playoff picture is finalized next weekend, the schedule will be completed.

This year’s playoff contest has some slightly different scoring rules than past pick-the-score contests. One major change is adding an over/under prediction for each game. The over/under line values have been calculated by taking the average total score in each of the CFL playoff games the last 10 years. Over/under predictions can be made independent of the actual score you predict for the game. See the contest rules for full details.

A quick note on future contests at Overtime Central; I am planning to get some kind of hockey contest going in January, but that will be dependent on me finding the time to create, test and verify the contest. One motivating factor for me is how much interest there is for such a contest. Leave a comment here or send me an email if you are dying for an Overtime Central NHL contest this winter.

Good luck to everyone in the 2007 CFL Playoffs Pick ’em Pool!

4 Responses to “Announcing the 2007 CFL Playoff Pick ’em Pool”

  1. Jim Says:

    I’m tired of funding Gord’s trips to Mexico.

  2. Jon Says:

    Just Win Baby! Keep that money out of Gordo’s hands.

  3. mudler Says:

    What is the exchange rate on rupees these days???

  4. mudler Says:

    And I am in for a hockey pool!

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