Top 10 Sports Movies

Previously, I listed my top six sports themed songs. With CBC‘s annual airing of Happy Gilmore upcoming on June 17 I thought I would try to list my top 10 sports movies. Unfortunately, I have seen very few of the many sports movies made, so this will be a top 10 list of what I’ve seen.

10 – The Natural

Could have been better, with one part authenticity, and two parts unbelievable. The custom made Wonderboy bat and exploding lights are terrifically spoofed in The Simpsons “Homer at the Bat” episode.

9 – Space Jam

The Looney Tunes make this movie, otherwise basketball does not make it on my top 10 list. Bill Murray wasn’t bad either.

8 – Bull Durham

Who knew the minor leagues were funny? I liked the baseball stuff in this movie, but some of the slow off-field parts bored me.

7 – Happy Gilmore

Hockey meets golf. Now a CBC June staple. The Price is Wrong, Bob.

6 – Eight Men Out

In Eight Men Out, Shoeless Joe Jackson is a slow, illiterate, naive kid who can really play baseball. In Field of Dreams (see below), he is Ray Liotta.

5 – Major League

Wild Thing. And who doesn’t like the story of a sad-sack baseball team making good?

4 – Rudy

Being five-foot nothing, a hundred and nothing, I relate. Well, not to the part about getting beat up on the taxi squad of the Fighting Irish, but the other part.

3 – Slap Shot

Can never be outdone. Made the list as a “funny because its true” comedy. Hockey will never be the same as 1970’s minor league hockey.

2 – Remember the Titans

Pretty powerful overcoming odds, teamwork movie. Replaced Rudy in second spot. Did they really win it on a trick play?

1 – Field of Dreams

Made me believe in the power of baseball for a while. This was close, Field of Dreams is close to losing my top spot.

Close, but no cigar

  • Bad News Bears series (original 1970s) – Made me laugh as a kid.
  • The Rocky movies except Rocky Balboa, which I haven’t seen.
  • Ali – couldn’t make a boxing move part of my Top 10.
  • Raging Bull – again with the boxing, and less about the sport than about the person.
  • A League of Their Own – Quaint, but not deserving of the Top 10.

Dishourable mentions

  • The Mighty Ducks and D2: The Mighty Ducks and D3: The Mighty Ducks – only seen parts of the first. Disney named their team after this only to abandon the NHL 10 years later? Couldn’t someone see what kinda poor marketing strategy that was?
  • Youngblood – Ewww… just thinking about it.
  • Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice – Haven’t seen it, but why? Why would you make another?

As you can see, I need to catch up on my sports movies. What, no We Are Marshall, Gridiron Gang or Invincible? Or The Big Green or Miracle or The Rookie? Or Prefontaine or even Chariots of Fire? Sorry, haven’t seen them. Reviewing what is out there for sports movies made me even consider what qualifies as a sports movie. Do movies about sport playing animals like Air Bud and Ed qualify? What about cheerleading movies, or bowling movies? Where is the line exactly?

Perhaps something I have not seen could take the number one spot. Straighten me out with a comment about movies I have missed that deserve to be in the Top 10. I’ll add your recommendations to my “To Watch” list.

2 Responses to “Top 10 Sports Movies”

  1. Jim Says:

    Check this one out.

    Les Chiefs!!!

    Despite the trailer there’s a bit more to the movie than fighting. What I remember about it was how some of these players were so sad in thinking they could still make it to the show (one guy in particular. If you can get your hands on it… it’s worth a watch.

    Thankfully you left out Major League 2 & 3.

  2. Jon Says:

    I never heard of the movie, but remember seeing something on that league where they basically created an old time Slap Shot/ECHL/Broadstreet Bullies league which turns hockey into professional wrestling with good guys/bad guys storylines.

    Watching the trailer it was almost like a mockumentary à la This is Spinal Tap except they didn’t have to hire actors.

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