Signpost Ahead: Overtime Central’s Direction

With the NHL playoffs starting tomorrow, many Overtime Central readers may be wondering if we will be offering any hockey contests for the spring season. Unfortunately, no. Events outside of our control have delayed our development plans, putting us behind schedule to get the new site up. With that promise broken, we are committed to have the new site in place for the CFL season. With the launch of the revamped site, expect many exciting changes at Overtime Central.

The most exciting change for us is the new site will have revamped administration capabilities, allowing us to create, track and update contests easier. The time savings will mean more time spent on delivering more features to the site. New contest ideas and experiments will keep things fresh and interesting around here.

In addition to a new design, Overtime Central will have a change in focus. While we will continue to hold our fantasy sport contests, we hope to expand the purpose of the site around web-based fantasy sports.

In addition, driven from some old ideas and our experiences at Overtime Central the past few years, we also have some spin-off projects we will be kicking off in 2007 that hopefully will be ready for unveiling by 2008. We hope everyone first sticks around for the new site unveiling in June. Until then, leave a comment telling us what you want to see on the site.

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