Reader Feedback: CFL and NHL Notes

A number of recent stories in the NHL and CFL have us wondering what our readers think of these subjects. Therefore, we are writing this post to summarize some of them and solicit reader comments.

NHL Playoff Race

The Edmonton Oilers face a tough decision. The trading deadline approaches at the end of the month and they currently sit out of a playoff spot. Do they participate as buyers or sellers before the trade deadline or stand pat? The Oilers’ situation is doubly complicated because although they are in a weaker division, they are only 6 points out of a playoff spot (an even a tie for first place in their division) as of prior to February 13, 2007’s games. In today’s NHL it is very hard to give up on a season when you are still in the race with 25 games left. On the other hand, the parity in the NHL and especially the Northwest division likely means that the Oilers could finish in the same position by either stocking up, unloading some players or standing pat. How would you handle the NHL trade deadline if you were close, but still out of a playoff position?

CFL Salary Management System

With the CFL Congress convening in Montreal this week, the CFL‘s Salary Management System (SMS) has come under scrutiny, after a CFL spokesperson revealed the system would not be transparent to the public. Leave it to the CFL to come up with a system, slap an invisibility cloak on it and call it transparent. What do you think? Should the player salary spending of CFL franchises and any resulting fines and lost draft picks for exceeding the cap be public record?

CFL Free Agency

There has already been a lot of player movement this year by teams trying to create cap room. With free agency opening this week, more player movement is to be expected. In Saskatchewan, the player creating the most interest is not a free agent however. Trade speculation surrounds B.C.’s Jason Clermont, who is looking for a commitment from the Lions going into the last year of his contract. Speculations over his ties to Regina and lack of contract proposals from B.C. have led to rumours that trade talks are under way between Saskatchewan and B.C. Looking at the situation, I do not believe any trade will take place. B.C. will keep Clermont and offer him a new contract. Clermont may, by that time, play out the final year to become a free agent and sign with Saskatchewan, but I do not see him coming to the Roughriders otherwise. What do you think? Is Clermont that valuable that the ‘Riders should trade for him? Should B.C. make the long-term offer to keep him on the coast? What other free agent signings or player movement do you expect or want to see?

Feel free to leave your comments on all or any of the above topics.

2 Responses to “Reader Feedback: CFL and NHL Notes”

  1. jim Says:

    1) Oilers need to do what they can to make the playoffs now. This is just the way of hockey. Fans care about now, not next year. Of course, next year they will expect the same thing.
    They need to make some moves, roll the dice and bring in some new faces. As I always hear, playoffs are a new season.

    2) SMS needs to be transparent, otherwise who’s gonna police the police. This one’s just common sense.

    3) Clermont won’t come to Saskatchewan. Even if he did, his name would be mud after a few months of not realizing expectations. Seems to be the Saskatchewan way. Grass is always greener….

  2. Jon Says:

    Jim: Interesting the pundits ask the question about the Oilers selling when they are so close to a playoff position or first place in the division. I had a hard time understanding why they would sell off anyone. Where would it put them for next year? Some of their moves this year have not resulted in great numbers, but sometimes those veteran players can be big performers in the playoffs if you make it there.

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