Merry Christmas from Overtime Central

Overtime Central staff would like to wish all our faithful readers a very Merry Christmas and a safe and enjoyable holiday upon everyone.

During this season, we look back at the previous year and find much for which to be thankful. Besides the increased content and comments on the site, we held two successful CFL contests in 2006. We are very appreciative of our visitors and participants for their support this past year. We are still on schedule to release the new version of Overtime Central, with some direction changes for the site, in the first quarter of 2007. Stay tuned for more at a later date on the changes coming to Overtime Central.

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  • February 10, 2007
    No Transparency in CFL Cap → Making the contract length and terms filed with the league public like most other leagues would provide enough transparency to CFL fans. Instead the CFL continues to live in the 1970’s, shielding its operations from public scrutiny. #
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