Road to Grey Cup Pool Winner Declared

Overtime Central is pleased to announce that team Kenton “MaryJ” Keith, coached by Chad Olynick, pulled out the victory in the 2006 Road to Grey Cup Pool. After a poor start, Olynick powered to second and first place finishes the final two weeks to take the championship by three points with 87 points. Olynick takes home $77 for the victory.

Tying for second place was 4goodtimecall(403)340-xxx (name modified to protect the not so innocent), coached by Jim Fedyk and CupCountdown, coached by Cindy Kreutzer, who both finished with 84 points. Both teams counted 40 points the final week to move up one spot and a share of the money. They split second and third place prizes of $33 or $16.50 each.

Congratulations to the winners. Winnings will be credited to your accounts within a week. Overtime Central thanks everyone for their participation. Look for changes at coming before we return (we hope) for NHL playoff contests.

One Response to “Road to Grey Cup Pool Winner Declared”

  1. Mary J. Says:

    I do not condone the association of my name with the said Kenton Keith. That being said congrats to the real winner in all of this Chad O. He truly deserves the victory.

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