2006 CFL Pool Post-Season Awards

Congratulations to CFL4ever! Do not spend it all in one place!

The following awards were handed out in a ceremony before this broadcast.

Most Predictions Accurate Within 2 Points of Both Home and Visiting Team Scores

Tie: BestGuess and pigskin_chucker (5)

Most Perfect Predictions

Tie: Davin Bull Dogs and pigskin_chucker (1)

Most Fantasy Point Games Over 10

Davin Bull Dogs (4)
Honourable Mention: BestGuess (3)

Most One Fantasy Point Games

FaragellisAverageJoes (15)
Honourable Mention: bigmc returns (14)

Most Two Fantasy Point Games

Green GG Machine (20)

Biggest Month Award

BestGuess (96 points in October)
Honourable Mentions: pigskin_chucker and WASC (94 points in September)

Smallest Month Award

Green GG Machine (33 points in June)

Biggest Week Award

BestGuess (36 points in Week 18)

Smallest Week Award

Green GG Machine (5 points in Week 2)

Biggest Game Award

pigskin_chucker (16 points)

Most Picks of 21-20 for Home Team

A sign, but not a certainty, that the deadline was missed and the default picks were used.
Davin Bull Dogs (11)
Honourable Mentions: WASC (8) and BestGuess (7)

Position All Default Scores Would Have Finished In

Tied for 3rd Place with 359 Points.
Finished first in June and first or tied for first in a number of weeks.

Best Team Name


Best Team Name Taken Off a CFL Fanboy’s Tattoo


Best Team Name Based on a Former CFL Coach


Best Team Name to Pay Homage to the Saskatchewan Roughriders

Green GG Machine

Best Use of a Dog Breed in a Team Name

Davin Bull Dogs

Most Predictions That ‘Riders Would Lose

FaragellisAverageJoes (11)
Honourable Mention: Green GG Machine (9)

Least Predictions That ‘Riders Would Lose

bigmc (0)

Most Correct Predictions That ‘Riders Would Lose

FaragellisAverageJoes (6)

What is Old, Green, Smells Like Dirty Socks and Lives in the Basement? Award

Green GG Machine, who moved into the basement the second week and never left. Anyone know of a good pest exterminator?

The Diamond Dave Award

In honour of Diamond Dave, who finished so far back in a contest one year, we could not find him afterwards.
Green GG Machine

Have your award ideas? Leave your comment here with your fan choice award nominations.

4 Responses to “2006 CFL Pool Post-Season Awards”

  1. Bill Says:

    some interesting info in there.

    bigmc is such a keener for the riders :)
    They won’t win every game :)

  2. Bill Says:

    oh and here’s an award idea: something about winning the month of June :)

  3. Jon Says:

    Sorry Bill, June was only three weeks and does not qualify as a prize worthy month. A bag of footballs could pick that month. Nice try though.

  4. Bill Says:

    i know – not a full month.
    but we’re just making up awards here so it counts :)

    here’s another – award for the person with least/most awards

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