CFL4ever Wins 2006 CFL Pool

From what looked like a impossibility weeks ago with a commanding lead to only a two point lead three weeks ago, CFL4ever hung on to eek out a win in the Overtime Central 2006 CFL Pool.

CFL4ever, coached by Bill Maguire, finished with 364 points, four points ahead of second place. Bill takes home $56 for the first place finish.

Finishing in a close second place is WASC, coached by last year’s winner Greg Kreutzer. Greg takes home $16. WASC made a valiant effort to make up ground on the leader, but after narrowing the lead to two points, he was unable to make up the final ground in the last two weeks.

In a photo finish, third position was taken by the Davin Bull Dogs, coached by Brent Gessner. Brent takes home $8 but was oh, so close to more. The Bull Dogs, WASC and BestGuess all traded positions from second to fourth the final two weeks. In the end, the Bull Dogs had a better final week to finish three points ahead of BestGuess and only one point out of a share of second place. This is the second year in a row Davin Bull Dogs has finished in third position.

The complete official results are as follows:
CFL4ever – 364 – $56 (coach: Bill Maguire)
WASC – 360 – $16 (coach: Greg Kreutzer)
Davin Bull Dogs – 359 – $8 (coach: Brent Gessner)
BestGuess – 356
pigskin_chucker – 347
FaragallisAverageJoes – 346
bigmc returns – 323
Green GG Machine – 296

Winners, please contract us at Overtime Central to specify your wishes regarding your winnings. We prefer that any winnings be paid out after any outstanding balances are paid. Account balances will be up to date by end of day Saturday, November 4, 2006.

Thanks to all participants for making this the closest and most exciting CFL Pool contest ever. Be sure to sign up for the Road to Grey Cup contest and check back next year for more CFL contests.

7 Responses to “CFL4ever Wins 2006 CFL Pool”

  1. Bill Says:

    Thanks to Jon and everyone else involved in running it. It’s been real good.

    I was nervous these last few weeks :)
    Obviously there was a lot of chokes involved. I’ll blame calgary and montreal – those teams cost me lots of points. They should tell me when they’re going to go on losing streaks :)

    Picking the home team 32-23 is a much easier strategy than trying to do your best to pick the scores week after week. One’s luck only holds out so long :)

    But now I can relax and just watch football instead of wondering what everyone else picked :)
    Although I’ll give the grey cup pool a try.

    see you all next year!

    Jon – I can pick up the cash whatever time works for ya. Just take the grey cup entry fee out of it.

    Or I guess wait a few weeks for when I win the grey cup pool one :)
    haha – those multiplaying factors will make it interesting!

  2. jim Says:

    Boo-urns! Boo-urns!

  3. Jon Says:

    Are you saying Boo or Boo-urns?

  4. jim Says:


  5. Cindy Says:

    I can not believe that Greg did so well with the way he picked scores. Makes you wonder why I agonized about my picks.

  6. jim Says:


  7. Bill Says:

    yeah – once WASC started getting closer and closer to me, I had a look at what was being picked. I kept that in mind when making my picks to perhaps pick the home team more (so WASC didn’t gain much on me) or if I really thought the visitors would win, I might pull ahead a bit. I didn’t use the same scores though – i was happy with the winner in those cases :)

    The ones that really bugged me are when the riders or stamps or alouettes (as it happened with all three i believe) couldn’t even get more than like 10 or 12 points. Didn’t a few teams have games with like 6 points or something? Those bums :)

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