CFL Pool Preview Report – Week 18

Another 100% accurate week. We are beginning to think we are good at this, better than flipping a coin. Jimmy the Greek look out.

Our Record Last Week: 3-0 (100%)
Our Record Overall: 35-26 (57.4%)

Montreal at Saskatchewan (TSN/RDS)

Alouettes: 9-6-0 Last 6 2-4-0
Roughriders: 7-8-0 Last 6 3-3-0

Notable injuries:
Montreal – WR Sylvain Girard, WR Ezra Landry, DB Matthieu Proulx, LB Ryan Folk, OL Dave Mudge, CB Darryl Crutchfield, RB Mike Vilimek, DB Clint Kent, SB Ben Cahoon
Saskatchewan – DB Scott Gordon, FB Cory Hathaway, LB Mike McCullough, DL Marcus Adams, WR Jamal Richardson, WR Ibrahim Tounkara

In this rematch, many factors have to be considered. First, the conditions will be much colder in Regina than last Monday in Montreal. Advantage Saskatchewan. Fan support may be weak at Taylor Field after two losses and a game on a cold Friday night. Advantage Montreal. Alouettes receiver Ben Cahoon is not likely to play. Advantage Saskatchewan. Cahoon was the least of the ‘Riders problems last week. Advantage Montreal. Montreal dominated last week’s blow out. Advantage Montreal. The ‘Riders, blown out last week, have pride and a familiar foe to get back on track. Advantage Saskatachewan. In the end, take Montreal in a much closer game, with the ‘Riders unable to regain the lead in a critical home game.

Prediction: Montreal 21 Saskatchewan 20

Toronto at Edmonton (CBC)

Argonauts: 8-6-0 Last 6 5-1-0
Eskimos: 5-10-0 Last 6 2-4-0

Notable Injuries:
Toronto – QB Eric Crouch, WR Shockmain Davis, WR David Azzi
Edmonton – DB Reggie Durden, LB Steven Marsh, DB William Loftus, DB Jason Nugent, DB Kelly Wiltshire, WR Richard Alston, DB Roosevelt Williams

In the next rematch, Edmonton will know the night before whether Saskatchewan put another nail in their playoff-hopes coffin. Either way they will be playing for their lives on home turf. After last week’s loss, the Eskimos will need to find another way to stay close as it is likely that the Argonaut defence will be able to shut down their running game after reviewing last week’s film. The Argos could take another week off as they did on their trip to Calgary, but with a tight position race in the East, do not expect that to happen. Running the ball with Williams and Avery, the Argos will provide an offence suitable for the weather. Take the Argos in a similar score to last week.

Prediction: Toronto 28 Edmonton 24

Winnipeg at Hamilton (TSN)

Blue Bombers: 7-8-0 Last 6 2-4-0
Tiger-Cats: 4-12-0 Last 6 2-4-0

Notable injuries:
Winnipeg – OL Dan Goodspeed, WR Kwame Cavil, OL Matthew Sheridan, OL Mike Abou-Mechrek
Hamilton – OL Pascal Cheron, RB Josh Ranek, DB Sandy Beveridge, DE Tim Cheatwood, OL George Hudson, DB Airabin Justin

Both teams are coming off bye weeks, with the Ti-Cats just playing out the string. Hamilton should have RB Corey Holmes back in the lineup and their break would be a perfect opportunity to set their goals for their final games. If QB Jason Maas plays solid, mistake-free football they should be in the game. It will be Winnipeg’s to lose if the Bombers do not come out in form. Take the Ti-Cats likely and they will bite you. The Bomber motivation comes from trying to secure a home playoff game, but I think a long rest and being unprepared for Hamilton’s intensity will leave them short.

Prediction: Hamilton 25 Winnipeg 22

B.C. at Calgary (TSN)

Lions: 11-4-0 Last 6 5-1-0
Stampeders: 9-7-0 Last 6 3-3-0

Notable injuries:
B.C. – WR Tony Simmons, QB Dave Dickenson, LB Jamall Johnson
Calgary – OL Riley Clayton, WR Ron Johnson

After a drubbing in a first place showdown last week in B.C., the Stampeders did a lot less talking this week. On their side this week is home field advantage and another chance at their West division rivals. Expect some intensity from the Stamps from all players on the field as coach Tom Higgins will not let this team be unfocused again. While a win will not get them first place or even closer to it, it will send a message to B.C. who they expect to meet in the playoffs. The Lions will start QB Buck Pierce again and do not expect them to miss a beat. Their true test will be meeting the intensity of the Stampeders that they did not see last week. Based on their confidence and talent, I expect the Lions to take another against the Stamps.

Prediction: B.C. 27 Calgary 25

5 Responses to “CFL Pool Preview Report – Week 18”

  1. Bill Says:

    I’m falling apart! The walls are closing in (along with the competitors). Hopefully I can hang on. I hear you all cheering for me and I appreciate that! :)

    Everyone – please forget to submit your scores this week :)

    My theory the Riders didn’t show up last week in Montreal was that they were upset they missed not one rolling stones concert in Regina, but two!

  2. Jon Says:

    Bill: Word is some ‘Rider players attended Friday’s Stones concert and were out again Sunday night in Montreal. Hence the loss.

  3. Bill Says:

    ahh! well there ya go :)

    They turned it around this week. Great catch by fantuuuuzz!

  4. Bill Says:

    bye bye edmonton! woo!
    5 straight yuears in playoffs, right?

    we’ve now got the lead on emonton in that because they have to start at 0 :)

    and the rams beat the huskies! anyone see that game today at taylor field? Very similar ending to the rider game. Last second punt to win by one! final score was 32 – 31

  5. Bill Says:

    Anyone know Eakin was starting? I guess they’re checking out players for next year. I wonder who Edm will start next week? Some guy off the street? :)

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