Notebook – October 9, 2006

A subscription question, some quick CFL notes and more in this Thanksgiving edition of the Notebook.

To Renew or Not To Renew?

That is the question. My subscription for the The Official CFL Magazine is due and I am debating whether to renew. I cannot say I have been disappointed with the magazine; it has met my expectations. My expectations were low, however, once they changed the publish frequency before launch to five issues per season. This effectively makes it a glossy magazine that will not have topical content. While plenty of people have praised it, I do not know if it is for me. I would prefer they went to a newspaper print version that provided weekly coverage of the games and issues of the day. Since that is unlikely, I would prefer some opinion and information I cannot get elsewhere. Discussion about potential rule changes, business aspects of the game, or other topics that are not the norm. Articles I do not need include another one about how B.C. will do well this year or let us wait and see how Ricky Williams does.

Therefore, I do not need the magazine, but do not want to lapse my subscription, as I like to support CFL publications. It would be a shame if it ceased operations due to lack of subscribers. Do any of the Overtime Central readers subscribe to The Official CFL Magazine and what is your opinion of it? Would any reader not already subscribed be interested in getting it as a gift for a year?

CFL Notes

Another soccer player gets a chance to kick for a million dollars. I suspect the opposite of last year will happen, in that he will make the first three field goals, but miss the final 50-yard try for the million dollars. If they do give away a million dollars again this year (in a lump sum this year opposed to paid over 20 years like last year) that might end it for this promotion. The odds are for the promotion to be won once in twenty years; paying out in the first two years back-to-back would be against astronomical odds. You can watch it all during halftime of the Oct. 20 Saskatchewan at Toronto game on TSN.

Ricky Williams strays from his usual no-story-here answers when asked if he would get enough touches if John Avery and he lined up in the same backfield. Williams still seems to baffle reporters, not providing the standard “I am a huge star; just give me the ball” answers. Instead, they have to make stories out of Williams being riled up about a question.

Don Matthews resigned as head coach of the Montreal Alouettes this week. General Manager Jim Popp will replace him at head coach for the remainder of the season. Whether Matthews left for the reported non-life threatening health reasons or was pushed out, we will not know until/if he lands somewhere else. I suspect that at 67 years old, Matthews may be done for good this time.

NHL Notes

The NHL season has started and I have nothing to say. It is still too early for hockey.


Chris Zelkovich of the Toronto Star makes a good observation about NFL coverage of the loudmouths being in vogue these days. I have always equated the coverage of the NFL since Fox came aboard as dragged down into the dirt. Fox likes the soap opera, can sell the soap opera and so creates the soap opera. Unfortunately, the other broadcasters come down to Fox’s level instead of taking the high road. If the macho NFL fans looked at what they were playing into, they may realize they are watching more of a Days of Our Lives package than a sport. After years of watching Ricki Lake and Jerry Springer that may be what they want.

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  1. Bill Says:

    I don’t subscribe the CFL magazine but I do pick up a copy at the bookend downdown on scarth street now and then. It is pretty good for what it is.

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