CFL Pool Preview Report – Week 17

We came crashing down to earth last weekend as game after game went against our picks and we ended up with a 1-3 record. We will try to get back on track with a three game Thanksgiving week. We think the 2-day wait between games is going to drive us stir-crazy with anticipation.

Our Record Last Week: 1-3 (25%)
Our Record Overall: 32-26 (55.1%)

Byes: Hamilton, Winnipeg

Calgary at B.C. (TSN)

Stampeders: 9-6-0 Last 6 4-2-0
Lions: 10-4-0 Last 6 5-1-0

Notable injuries:
Calgary – OL Riley Clayton, WR Ron Johnson
B.C. – WR Tony Simmons, QB Dave Dickenson, QB Buck Pierce

The Battle for the West sees these two teams collide in back-to-back matchups, with the one that prevails in the series taking the driver seat for first place in the West Division. Calgary faces a tough B.C. team at home while their own road record is lacking. The Lions have quarterback problems with both Dave Dickenson and Buck Pierce not likely to play banged up. However, Jarious Jackson has proven his ability in running the Lion offence. Calgary, two points behind B.C., needs both wins so will want a strong game out of their defence and QB Henry Burris to get back on track. Under the dome, I expect a high scoring affair, but I expect B.C. to prevail.

Prediction: B.C. 38 Calgary 37

Saskatchewan at Montreal (CBC/RDS)

Roughriders: 7-7-0 Last 6 4-2-0
Alouettes: 8-6-0 Last 6 1-5-0

Notable injuries:
Saskatchewan – QB Marcus Crandell, DB Scott Gordon, FB Cory Hathaway, LB Mike McCullough, DL Marcus Adams, WR Jamal Richardson
Montreal – WR Sylvain Girard, WR Ezra Landry, DB Matthieu Proulx, LB Ryan Folk, OL Dave Mudge, CB Darryl Crutchfield, FB Mike Vilimek, CB Clint Kent, DE R-Kal Truluck

Alouettes’ coach Don Matthews stepped down this week with GM Jim Popp taking over the coaching duties. This Thanksgiving Day matchup is followed immediately by a return match in Regina on Friday. After breaking their losing streak last week, the Alouettes will be looking to use this emotional departure as motivation the rest of the season. Saskatchewan has a poor record in Montreal, winning there only twice in the last 10 years. The ‘Riders do need to get on track and there is a sense of urgency as the number of games remaining dwindles. Losing games they should not, the ‘Riders want to start a winning streak going into the playoffs and defeat teams they feel they are better than. Montreal’s close win last week may have been more of a fluke against a struggling Winnipeg who were caught off-guard with some trick plays and turned the ball over. Based on Montreal’s dominance at home against the prairie squad, take the Alouettes.

Prediction: Montreal 27 Saskatchewan 24

Edmonton at Toronto (CBC)

Eskimos: 5-9-0 Last 6 2-4-0
Argonauts: 7-6-0 Last 6 5-1-0

Notable Injuries:
Edmonton – DB Reggie Durden, LB Steven Marsh, DB William Loftus, DB Jason Nugent, DB Kelly Wiltshire, WR Richard Alston, DB Roosevelt Williams
Toronto – QB Eric Crouch, WR Shockmain Davis, WR David Azzi

Both teams are coming off uplifting wins last week. Edmonton keeping their playoff hopes alive with a victory in Regina and Toronto defeating the Stampeders at home to keep pace in the East. Toronto is at home again this week and may possibly experiment with RB‘s John Avery and Ricky Williams in the same backfield. This may provide some interest for fans, but Toronto’s keys will be a strong defensive performance against Ricky Ray and their receivers hanging onto the ball. Edmonton has been in many tight games this year, and the key to coming out on top is clock management. Do not give Ricky Ray the opportunity for a game winning drive late in the game. The Argos ball control type offence should be able to accomplish this.

Prediction: Toronto 28 Edmonton 24

2 Responses to “CFL Pool Preview Report – Week 17”

  1. Bill Says:

    I think these will be some good games this weekend. The calgary-bc one should be good. I’m hoping the riders show up against the alouettes. And 2 big name running backs for Toronto might bring some interest from the fans. Who knows if they’ll be used well though.

  2. Bill Says:

    man – those walls are closing in!
    Everyone’s catching up. Did I ever blow this week!

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