10 Questions For pigskin_chucker

Overtime Central sits down with pigskin_chucker to discuss favourite teams, cheating, inside jokes, his stunning good looks and more in this edition of 10 Questions.

  1. For all the readers out there, will you reveal your identity? I am the playmaker, the gamebreaker, the greatest of all time. That should make it obvious to all. [Ed. – So you are Terrell Owens or Ricky Henderson? I’m pretty sure you are Jon Fedyk, Overtime Central commissioner and site owner, who hardly qualifies as great.]
  2. You have some of the lamest team names in history. I mean, really, pigskin_chucker? Please. Third and Goal!? Get some better football cliches. And Fade to Black and 50 Percent have nothing to do with football. Is there a question there? [Ed. – Yeah. You stink.]
  3. Which CFL team is your favourite? I like them all except Edmonton and Winnipeg, but I definitely cheer for the ‘Riders. [Ed. – Yeah we don’t like those other teams either, and throw Calgary and B.C. into that mix.]
  4. You are supposed to be such a football expert, yet you have never won any football contest at Overtime Central. Are you overrated? Who said I was a football expert? I’ve never been good at any fantasy sports, despite my efforts. [Ed. – You admit to making an effort? It looks otherwise.]
  5. As a contestant and administrator you have had ample opportunity to cheat and push yourself up some positions. Yet based on the final standings this does not seem likely. Are you that bad that your cheating can only push yourself to the bottom to middle of the pack? Whoa, whoa whoa! Let’s back off the cheating accusations. I have email record of all my picks. Anyway, I really am that bad. [Ed. – I can attest to that.]
  6. What is your biggest downfall as a fantasy sports coach/GM? I cannot separate fact from fiction when it comes to predicting results for teams or players I have affection for.
  7. You are accused of including many inside jokes in your coach interviews. How do you defend yourself? Let me start by saying Clarency’s house is both foul territory and out-of-bounds. If you stop rocking the chair I will hit you with this broom. And I am not selling tickets for Leboldus Notes. [Ed. – Huh? We think he’s having a breakdown.]
  8. Your athletic skill and good looks should have taken you far in life, yet you wallow in obscurity. What was your first bad break? Probably my face when I got between a sibbling rivalry and got pancaked on the football field. Look away, I’m… I’m hideous. [Ed. – Thankfully this was a telephone interview.]
  9. Your late season runs are stuff of legends at the Overtime Central Home Office. Is your plan to pour it on during the stretch run? By the end of the season I’ve got the winners and losers figured out. So, yes, we do have a stronger second half usually. Staying within striking distance is the hard part. [Ed. – So you start the cheating in the second half?]
  10. You are four points behind second place (prior to the start of Week 16). Will you be able to eke out 5 points over second place in the last five weeks to increase your winnings? We are shooting for first place. [Ed. – Make up 35 points? Don’t Stop Believing]

3 Responses to “10 Questions For pigskin_chucker”

  1. Bill Says:

    That guy named “Ed” is pretty rough on that pigskin_chucker guy… :)

  2. Jon Says:

    Yeah, Ed was rough but that Fedyk guy is really a jerk.

  3. Bill Says:

    Sounds like a bit of a history there… :)

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