10 Questions For CFL4Ever

Overtime Central sits down with CFL4ever to talk team names, failing grades, Hollywood sabbaticals, picking tips and more in this edition of 10 Questions.

  1. For all the readers out there, will you reveal your identity? My identity, eh? Sure – I’m the guy who posts comments (sometimes misleading and sometimes not) to hopefully throw off the opposition. My secret is out! :) [Ed. – Bill is the second most frequent commenter on the site. He doesn’t win at everything.]
  2. You have had a multitude of team names through the years (Riders 4 Ever, Roughriders, Regina Roughies, CFL4Ever). Which of these things is not like the other? They do tend to have a rider theme don’t they? If I could remember one year to the next, I’d keep the same name. The pressure gets to me trying to remember and I just pick something that pops into my head that sounds footbally and fanatical at the same time :)
  3. I am confused. Which CFL team is your favourite? Now that the Memphis Mad Dogs are out of the picture, I had to pick somebody! I was patiently waiting for a deep-pocketed saviour to swoop down and resurrect those plucky Mad Dogs but no luck yet. I gave up and went with the riders – if Ottawa brings back the “other” name I’ll be set! [Ed. – Blasphemy! Avert your eyes, he may take on other forms!]
  4. You are in first place but with a 36.8% pick percentage. How does it feel to be leading the class in failing? 36.8%? Woo! It feels good man! Real good! I’m the king loser or something, right? In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. And as long as I keep my eye-patch away from my prognosticator’s eye, I hope to be ok :) [Ed. – Someone get a stick and poke out that good eye.]
  5. You missed last year. What happened, did you get called up to the pros? “I wouldn’t exactly say I’m missing it, Bob” haha! You know that “Two for the Money” movie with Matthew McConaughey and Al Pacino about sports gambling? Well guess who it was based on! I missed last year because I had to go and help out with the details and specifics in an advisory role – I wanted it to be as truthful as possible. However, instead of the CFL, those bastards changed it against my wishes and ended up making it about the NFL and US college ball. NFL? whoop-DEE-doo. I was very upset about that so I refused to allow my name to be associated with the movie. They took umbrage at that as only Hollywood can and blacklisted me. Now you can’t find any mention of me having anything to do with that movie. Check IMDB and the movie credits – you won’t find me! Take that as a warning to all who try to get involved with Hollywood. So I did have to take a bit of a leave of absence but I’m back now! [Ed. – The celebrities you will meet at Overtime Central. Bonus points for the Office Space reference.]
  6. You had great success in the first two Overtime Central CFL Draft contests (1st – 2000 and 2002) and we have not had a CFL draft since. Do you not hate it when the other kids take the football and go home? Not upset at all! Everyone just gave up as I see it! I’ve been reigning champion for like 4 years now. I’ll be champ until another is crowned! And I’m actually a little grateful! That was a little stressful. And having to come back and do a three-peat would be a lot to handle. Who do you think keeps asking the CFL to keep the stats the way they are and not provide more info in a quick manner? [Ed. – Sorry for the bad news, but the stats are fixed now. Expect a CFL draft in 2007.]
  7. You have already shared score picking tips in some post comments. Considering your commanding lead, would you care to provide some more? Some more golden nuggets, eh? The other teams are still a little too close for comfort. But I’ll provide a few juicy tidbits from my crystal ball anyways to keep all my fans happy. Hamilton will win at least 2 more games (and here’s hoping they beat up on Edmonton on the 22nd). Dickenson will continue to get beat up and tank big time in the playoffs. Winnipeg better get it together soon – and I think they will. Pride should help them step up with the Grey Cup in their town! Ricky Williams may get over 20 yards rushing this next game! Yes! You heard it here first! 20 yards! Wow! [Ed. – This interview occurred before Hamilton defeated Edmonton on the 22nd. All hail King Bill!]
  8. How would you describe your picking style – conservative, aggressive, over-easy, medium-rare or well-done? I gotta admit I like well-done but to be honest it’s a little of each every time. It’s from the gut so whatever magical source gives me the scores that week, I have to obey it. Maybe it depends on what I eat? Could just be gas or something :) And I’ve learned over previous years to not just pick the team who I want to win. Who I want to win and who will win aren’t always the same.. The Hamilton’s, Calgary’s, Edmonton’s, and other teams of the world don’t always seem to want to do us any favours. :) [Ed. – Bill’s being modest. He’s a ringer when it comes to picking the CFL.]
  9. Which competitor is most likely to give you a run for your money (last year’s winner WASC, consistent contender Davin Bull Dogs, perennial favourites pigskin_chucker and bigmc returns or laggards BestGuess, FaragellisAverageJoes and Green GG Machine)? Unlike the others, I fear everyone! Whoever’s ahead of me in the weekly/monthly rankings each week is the latest one to fear. I’m not likely to get overconfident anytime soon! If someone picks one good week of upsets and it’s a whole new game. Here’s hoping all my competitors forget to send in their scores for the next couple weeks! [Ed. – The guys on top always want the breaks. They can’t see how lucky they are.]
  10. The whole world wants to know. Will you be able to stave off injuries and hang on to first place? And if so, will you go to Disneyland afterwards? First place at the end would be sweet but I’m not counting on anything. Whoever does win will have fought a good, tight battle. I was happy with the August prize – and I’m sure that June prize is on its way any day now :) As for Disneyland, any winnings I get will be placed as a down-payment on the flight to Disneyland. I haven’t booked the camera crews yet though to film the TV advertisement :)

One Response to “10 Questions For CFL4Ever”

  1. Bill Says:

    If anyone wants to enjoy the edmonton loss even more, it’s fun to listen to Bryan Hall on 630 CHED out of edmonton.
    If the link doesn’t work just go to http://www.630ched.com and click on audio vault. Free to sign up and then pick which hour/day you want to listen to.

    Too bad I picked edmonton over hamilton in the pool. :)
    But as long as edm lost, i don’t mind that at all :)

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