Overtime Central: A CFL Blog?

The Overtime Central Home Office has been turning out quite a few posts the last four months. In this time, 99% of the content has been CFL related. Is this the direction Overtime Central is headed? We are here to set the record straight.

The truth about the situation is that there was never a conscious plan. We did brainstorm new ways to provide our visitors more information rather than just a place to visit to make their picks. This soon evolved into a mini-experiment in consolidating CFL news and commentary. We have seen how hard it has been to acquire information on the CFL, especially for teams not in your area of residence. In addition we wanted to improve our writing quality by writing more and see what amount of traffic might be driven by CFL content.

This is not likely to continue. We will be adjusting our focus, and while we will keep up with the weekly previews and Notebook entries for now, previews may not continue past the 2006 season and Notebook entries may become less frequent.

If Overtime Central becomes less of a source for your CFL and sports news, you can still stay up to date with news as it happens. Early in the season I discovered more RSS feeds with strong CFL content were published as opposed to last year. These feeds largely became my source for information linked to on this site. Below are the feed addresses for the feeds I subscribe to plus some additional ones for anyone who may be interested in getting their CFL info in an immediate fashion.

Paste these links in your newsreader of choice to subscribe. If you are not familiar with RSS, feeds, readers and aggregators, a good explanation can be found here. We covered syndication and newsreaders a while back as well.


CFL.ca – Syndicating news from CFL team newspapers.
CBC.ca Football News – Mostly CBC stories with information from CP.
Slam! Sports CFL – Strong CFL content from half of the CFL cities.
Toronto Star Football StoriesCFL stories with Argo centric focus.
OurSports Central CFL News
Yahoo! Sports CFL News

Picks and Commentary

CFL Picks and News by kevin
CFL Picks by Herb
rickyg’s world
Rod Pedersen (Voice of the ‘Riders) – Insider commentary on the ‘Riders.

TSN still does not have individual sport feeds, but if you don’t mind getting loads and loads of stories and filtering out the crap to get the hockey and football news you want, try them out.

4 Responses to “Overtime Central: A CFL Blog?”

  1. Bill Says:

    i see how it is! get us hooked and reading the site and then pull the plug!

    we all have to grovel and beg for you to continue :)

    pretty sneaky!

    this must all take some time, so if everyone has gotten busy or plan to be busy, don’t outright pull the plug. Maybe just set your goals a little lower – rather than 2-4 posts pr wk or whatever get it down to 2 or 1. Post as time commits.

    I don’t know what readership is like but maybe you can post info about the site in the various forums like riderfans, esksfans, that lion backers one (line backers – that’s a pretty good name), etc.

    Myseld, I go to slam and the CFL site (which has gotten much more contenty) and tsn. If I want news on a specific team (i.e. riders and hamilton for instance aren’t really covered on slam), I’ll go to canada.com and the specific paper for the city. Or the team’s own web site.

    I sometimes check out the team’s forums (like those mentioned above) – but they all seem blinded by their team and don’t realise how much their team sucks (esksfans, etc). The riderfans site is different of course. Nothing wrong with those people!

  2. Jon Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Bill. The site is in no danger of shutting down. Reducing posts will happen, there will be less in the Notebook as the season winds down, then much less in the off-season. The trouble is providing commentary on stuff that is moldy with age when you post once a week or every two weeks isn’t very interesting to most readers.

    But there are big plans for the site. We are working on version x (I’ve lost count what number). More on the plans in a later post. After that launch there will be some publicity, but right now we are happy with everything on the downlow. Don’t want this be be a place for unintelligent jabber ;-)

    As for the CFL info sites, the sites you mention are some sites I check when I want specific info on an angle like stadium or franchise news. What I am most interested in are those stories that are not reported on TV or Radio, like the business side, and behind the scenes stuff, speculation, analysis or in-depth stories. Those are the most difficult to find. It seems everybody picks up the same CP stories though. I hope I can point out these stories that people may have missed and at the same time throw in some humour.

  3. Bill Says:

    cool – sounds good

    humour is good! ya gotta admit edmonton is providing lots of it this season! haha :)
    go hamilton go!

  4. Cindy Says:

    This is the only place I get my CFL news, except for reading the paper, and they only cover Calgary anyway. I figure if it’s happening in the CFL it will be at overtime central.

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