CFL Pool Preview Report – Week 15

A 2-1 record last week is acceptable considering the chance we took on Hamilton and Montreal. With one-third of the season remaining the games take on more importance, so expect teams to rise to the occasion or sink in despair.

Our Record Last Week: 2-1 (66.7%)
Our Record Overall: 27-23 (54.0%)

Hamilton at Edmonton (TSN)

Tiger-Cats: 3-11-0 Last 6 1-5-0
Eskimos: 4-8-0 Last 6 2-4-0

Notable injuries:
Hamilton – OL Pascal Cheron, RB Josh Ranek, DB Sandy Beveridge, RB Corey Holmes, DE Tim Cheatwood, OL George Hudson
Edmonton – WR Andrew Nowacki, DB Reggie Durden, RB Mathieu Bertrand, LB Steven Marsh, LB Kelly Wiltshire

Hamilton pulled off the upset of the year last week, which should put the Eskimos in a bad mood coming home in the rematch. The Esks have been finding excuses all year though, and seem to overlook the fact they gave up three touchdowns to a Hamilton team that hadn’t scored one in a month. It wasn’t a Ricky Ray fumble which cost them the game – any other team had the Ti-Cats declawed by the final minute so it didn’t come down to a drive to win the game. I really see no positive qualities to the Edmonton team besides the will of Ricky Ray to win some games on his own. If the whole Edmonton team puts in a performance then the Esks could win. I normally cannot pick a team like Hamilton twice in back-to-back games but the Jason Maas factor and a gut feeling (and hope for another upset) have me going out on a limb and making this my upset of the week.

Prediction: Hamilton 24 Edmonton 17

Toronto at Calgary (CBC)

Argonauts: 7-5-0 Last 6 5-1-0
Stampeders: 8-5-0 Last 6 5-1-0

Notable injuries:
Toronto – WR Andre Talbot, QB Eric Crouch, RB John Avery, WR Shockmain Davis
Calgary – OL Jeff Pilon

In the battle of the hottest teams of the league, Calgary has the advantage playing at home. However don’t underestimate Toronto, who’s smothering defence can limit even the most powerful offences. If Calgary takes this team lightly and comes out flat, they will soon be in a battle for the game. Adding to the Stamps problems is Toronto adding Ricky Williams back into their lineup and may have different looks for Calgary that feature Williams much more promimently out of the backfield. On paper it looks like Calgary but if you want to go with your gut, Toronto wouldn’t be a bad pick.

Prediction: Calgary 28 Toronto 22

Winnipeg at Montreal (TSN/RDS)

Blue Bombers: 6-7-0 Last 6 1-5-0
Alouettes: 7-5-0 Last 6 1-5-0

Notable Injuries:
Winnipeg – OL Dan Goodspeed, WR Kwame Cavil, OL Matthew Sheridan, WR Quentin McCord
Montreal – WR Sylvain Girard, WR Ezra Landry, DB Matthieu Proulx, LB Ryan Folk, OL Dave Mudge, OL Luke Fritz

In the injury bowl, two nemesis’ face off in a matchup that could decide second place in the East. Both teams have decimated offensive lines, with the Alouettes giving up 12 sacks last week. If both teams get pressure to make the quarterbacks ineffective, expect a lower scoring game. Picking the winner comes down to this: go with Montreal if they make some kind of shakeup, otherwise take the Bombers. I really think Montreal has quit playing for Coach Matthews and they require a message from him in a player shakeup or a coaching shakeup (not likely considering he signed a 3-year contract extension) to turn it around.

Prediction: Winnipeg 30 Montreal 20

B.C. at Saskatchewan (TSN)

Roughriders: 6-6-0 Last 6 3-3-0
Lions: 9-3-0 Last 6 6-0-0

Notable Injuries:
B.C. – WR Tony Simmons
Saskatchewan – QB Marcus Crandell, WR Jamal Richardson

To finish off a Sunday afternoon double-header, B.C. rides their juggernaut into Saskatchewan. The Lions, riding a seven game win streak, look hard to beat. A rested Saskatchewan team may be the ones to do it, the same club that handed the Lions their last loss. The key will be Saskatchewan’s defence and it’s ability to be all over the oft-injured Dave Dickenson. If Dickenson goes out the game, the ‘Rider defence will have to keep the pressure on the unsolved Buck Pierce and try to create turnovers. If the ‘Rider defence can keep B.C. under 30 points and their offence can put points on the board, the game should be theirs. B.C. will be looking to put the game out of reach by scoring from all over the field and from all sides of the ball. Let them and it could be a long afternoon. We think a rested and prepared ‘Rider defence will have a say in an important game for Saskatchewan.

Prediction: Saskatchewan 28 B.C. 24

10 Responses to “CFL Pool Preview Report – Week 15”

  1. Bill Says:

    Gutsy going with Hamilton! I hope they win. But I think Edmonton might smarten up for this game. If not, cool :)

    Isn’t Holmes still hurt for the tiger-cats?

    In my eyes, Toronto has to prove something to me after sucking against Hamilton. I’m hoping the “good” Toronto beats up on Burris and friends. Aaarrrrggggooooossss! ;)

    The Winnipeg and Montreal game might be a good one.

  2. Cindy Says:

    I’m just glad Hamilton finally won, and it wasn’t against Saskatchewan!!!!

  3. Bill Says:

    and hamilton wins again! that was so sweet!
    gr8 job tiger cats!

  4. Bill Says:

    Fantuuuuuuzzzz! That was sweet!

    What the hell was Buono doing with punting in that overtime? Paul’s going to do like a 65-70 yarder, eh?
    Don’t think so!

    Next time maybe run twice and try a field goal – even if you miss, you should get a single unless you hit the upright or something. haha!


  5. Jon Says:

    No, next time they should do the same. Leave the winning points to us.

  6. Bill Says:

    yeah – that works too :)

    Just watched the game on tape – that Fantuz fumble recovery was great! Another second or half-second later BC might have got it. And that TD catch was a ncie one too.

    Yo Murphy had a great game too.

    That stupid montreal cost me some points too. I say Hamilton and Winnipeg will play well and they do – why don’t I listen to myself :)

  7. Jon Says:

    Didn’t I say Yo Murphy was a good pickup?

    I was supposed to go to that game but work conflicted. Too bad, despite the low scoring it would have been a good one to go to.

    Let’s hope we keep pouring it on the evil empire and their magic number runs out in the next two weeks. We should be able to take second in the west still.

  8. Bill Says:

    Did you say Yo Murphy was good? That’s not what I recall! I’m pretty sure you said something like “Who knows about this Yo Murphy? He’s too much of an unknown. I’m still upset they released Daryl Hobbs.” :)

    And everyone laughed :)

    Playoffs would be great! A home playoff would be fantastic but I’m happy with the playoffs. If we had a home playoff I don’t know if anyone would go – the Rider fans wouldn’t know what to do! It was like 18 years ago :)
    They’d probably find themelves in Calgary or BC wondering where the Riders are :)

  9. Jon Says:

    No worries. ;-)

    Just being happy with the playoffs is what led to 10 years of Al Ford. You must demand more.

  10. Bill Says:

    I agree demanding more ir definitely something that needs to be done – but it’s not the end of the world if we don’t geta home playoff game. Although it’d be nice if it happened once in a while.

    But now that the planets have aligned correctly and order is back to balance with chaos, it’s time for edmonton to start their 34 year playoff drought :)
    Wouldn’t that be nice!

    We’ll have some home playoff games then!!!

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