10 Questions for BestGuess

Overtime Central sits down with BestGuess coach to discuss team names, the lack of women in coaching positions and laundry.

  1. For all the readers out there, will you reveal your identity? Let me check my stash of stolen identities and let you know which one I’m using this week. No, seriously, I’ve got nothing to hide, go ahead and tell everyone. [Ed. – Previous stolen identities used by Cindy include Cowtownies, Downtown Cowtown, No Names, Cowgirls, and finally BestGuess.]
  2. Is your team name BestGuess supposed to be ironic or visionary? Umm, ironic, no, visionary…..what do those words mean? [Ed. – So ironic then?]
  3. Which CFL team is your favourite? I’m still a Saskatchewan fan, no matter how hard others try to convert me. [Ed. – Just give us the names of these people and they will be taken care of.]
  4. You are the only female coach this year (unless you count Gord). In fact you have been the only female entry since your dominance in the 2000 NHL Playoff Draft scared off all the other female competitors. Now where were we? Oh yeah. Have you every been in a cat fight? I refuse to answer on the grounds it may incriminate me. And yeah, where did all the girls go?
  5. What process do you use to conjure the weekly scores from the nether sphere? I guess I have a pattern (see below) that I didn’t even realize, I thought I was just putting down the first numbers that came into my head. [Ed. – How not to pick – 45, 193, 4, 127, 2, 289, …]
  6. If you could do the laundry of three other pool entry coaches, living or dead, whose laundry would you do? I don’t even do laundry for my own family, that is not necessarily a girl’s job you know. How come the guys get to pick who they want to go to dinner with, but I get stuck with doing laundry? [Ed. – Anyone would be honoured to wash the jock straps of our yearly top three. We also disagree with the assertion that laundry is women’s work.]
  7. Your pick pattern shows your picks do not stray from the 20-29 point range with an average difference of 3 points while the CFL margin of victory is over 14 points. Do you actually watch any CFL games? I didn’t realize I was so predictable. I have every game blasting on the TV, how much I actually get to watch is questionable. I guess I just keep hoping the games will be close. [Ed. – Hope against hope Cindy, this is the CFL.]
  8. After a 3rd place finish in the 2004 CFL Pool, you finished second last in 2005 and this year are near the basement again. Did you fall for the rumours of a $100 least-improved award? I didn’t like the stress of being at the top.
  9. Rumour has it that your split-personality allows you to pick the scores for two teams, and usually one does well and one doesn’t. Which is the better picker, Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? I guess I need to enter two teams every year in order to have a respectable showing. Maybe that will be my strategy for next year and those will be my team names. (By the way I am only picking scores for one team this year, that other guy is on his own).
  10. Can we expect you to make a run at a money position from sixth place or will you be foiled again? I only expect to fall further down the ranks. [Ed. – It is a short fall and Gord may cushion the blow.]

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