10 Questions For bigmc returns

Overtime Central sits down with the coach of bigmc returns with 10 questions on team names, hockey vs football, pick methods and October slumps.

  1. For all the readers out there, will you reveal your identity? It’s not like I go around wearing a mask. [Ed. – That’s not a mask? Man, I’m so sorry Grant.]
  2. There are more sequels to your team name than the Love Bug movies. Isn’t it time for something different? What’s in a name? What’s a love bug movie? [Ed. – Different generations. I should not have referenced a talkie, but I did not know a reference for the Charlie Chaplin era.]
  3. Which CFL team is your favourite? The Riders, since day 1. Of course they were hosting home games back then.
  4. You have performed poorly in the last two hockey contests at Overtime Central (2004 World Hockey Championships), but seem to do well on the football contests (1st 2004 CFL Pool, currently 3rd 2006 CFL Pool). Is football just your game or were those contests not indicative of your hockey picking skills? Players got hurt and I never changed my roster. [Ed. – Sure. A dog ate my picks so I lost some contests too.]
  5. Are you just wishing Overtime Central would hold some meaningful NHL contests so you could polish your hockey picking skills? I’m ready and willing. [Ed. – Stay tuned.]
  6. Describe the process you go through to make your predictions. Enie meanie minie moe…
  7. Unlike Reggie Jackson your Octobers have been fairly weak. Have you changed your training regime to bring better results in October this year? I plan on having a few wobbly pops before making my picks this Oct. [Ed. – We would prefer the lacklustre performance to get us back in the race.]
  8. How much is about winning (bragging rights) and how much is about the money? Always about the bragging rights.
  9. Which competitor are you most afraid of? Is that because of their prognosticator skills or physical presence? I fear no one. [Ed. – Funny how you can never be found though. I am not saying you are hiding, but…]
  10. You are currently third after 12 weeks. What surprises do you have in store for the teams in front of you for the stretch run? I plan on making my picks on time. [Ed. – That always helps.]

One Response to “10 Questions For bigmc returns”

  1. Bill Says:

    Grant’s afraid of me and a few other competitors – he’s just in denial!

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