CFL Pool Preview Report – Week 13

Wow! A 4-0 record last week. Sure, it was easy pickin’s since the favourites all won, but we will take it. Now on a short week we need to pick the three rematches.

Our Record Last Week: 4-0 (100%)
Our Record Overall: 24-20 (54.5%)

Byes: Alouettes, Lions

Calgary at Edmonton (TSN)

Stampeders: 7-4-0 Last 6 4-2-0
Eskimos: 3-7-0 Last 6 1-5-0

Notable injuries:
Calgary – None
Edmonton – DB William Loftus, WR Andrew Nowacki, DB Reggie Durden, OL Dan Comiskey

The annual short week rematch between provincial rivals can be tough to pick. This year though, with Edmonton in a big slump and not making any changes it is hard to think last week’s result will change. Edmonton needs to establish a run game, protect their QB, establish a lead and not turn over the ball. Calgary will be working on correcting mistakes and if they are successful, watch out. Take Calgary despite the big crowd and home field.

Prediction: Calgary 36 Edmonton 24

Hamilton at Toronto (CBC)

Tiger-Cats: 2-10-0 Last 6 1-5-0
Argonauts: 6-5-0 Last 6 4-2-0

Notable injuries:
Hamilton – DB Scott Gordon, OL Pascal Cheron, RB Josh Ranek, WR Kahlil Hill, DB Sandy Beveridge, LB Renard Cox
Toronto – RB Ricky Williams, QB Eric Crouch, OL Jeff Yorga, WR Shockmain Davis

The only challenge for this game is to predict how few points Hamilton will score. After a Labour Day match up could not pump up the Hamilton offence, we do not expect anything from them this week. The Tiger-Cats only chance is to keep the score low, and perhaps a score by the defence will put them over the top. The Argonauts are on a roll and are a week past the distractions they faced last week. Expect the Argos to play strong at home. Perhaps many low scoring predictions for the Ti-Cats will bust their offence out of their drought.

Prediction: Toronto 29 Hamilton 9

Saskatchewan at Winnipeg (TSN)

Roughriders: 6-5-0 Last 6 4-2-0
Blue Bombers: 5-6-0 Last 6 2-4-0

Notable Injuries:
Saskatchewan – WR Jamal Richardson, QB Marcus Crandell, DE Dwan Epps
Winnipeg – OL Dan Goodspeed, WR Kwame Cavil

Saskatchewan has a poor record in Winnipeg with follow-up games to the Labour Day Sunday match up no better. On Sunday, Winnipeg failed to regain the lustre they had earlier in the season with Glenn and Stegall in the line-up. It could be a different story on different turf. If Winnipeg executes better and is able to implement a running attack into their game plan the whole dynamic will change. The ‘Riders were not very spectacular on offence save for some big plays. On the road, they will need some long drives to control the game. In the end the game will come down to defences and at this moment the ‘Rider defence is stronger.

Prediction: Saskatchewan 31 Winnipeg 20

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  1. jim Says:

    Gord, I missed ya. Coming down to pay a visit. See you soon.

  2. jim Says:

    As hard as I try to come down to Gord’s level, it just seems near impossible to be that bad.

    I see Greg is taking another run at it.

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