10 Questions For FaragallisAverageJoes

Overtime Central sits down with the coach of FaragallisAverageJoes with 10 questions to check on his ties with football legends, the Korean advantage, mentors and rivalries.

  1. For all the readers out there, will you reveal your identity?

    I am the blue of skies
    the black of night
    the stars on fire
    in darkness
    I am the air I breathe
    the breather
    the breathing
    the endless breath
    the endless

    I am the beginning
    the beginner
    the end
    and ender
    I am the in-between
    the midst
    the sustaining

    Any questions? [Ed. – Quoting Leslye Layne Russell will fly right over the heads of this crowd. (We never heard of her either.)]

  2. Your teams tend to employ (Mervyn Fernandez, John Madden) or honour (Joe Faragalli) football greats. Is that because you run in the same circles as these legends? Uh….. yeeeeaaah. The last Friday of the month we always meet up at the neighborhood dog restaurant and then hit the sauna after and scrub each other’s backs (you may need to have been to Korea to appreciate this). Joe’s been smelling kind of funky the last while though. [Ed. – Jim finally realizes his dream of knocking Faragalli off his football.]
  3. Which CFL team is your favourite? The one that follows my prediction and wins me the money. Or the one currently embroiled in the most controversy (usually the Riders).
  4. Being based out of South Korea, tomorrow always comes there first yet you have not been able to correctly predict any scores yet. Do you not check the results before you pick? Is it Tomorrow already? Man time flies. Anyways, the results are always for yesterday.
  5. You have had a bitter rivalry with Green GG Machine coach Gord for some time. What instigated the bad blood between the two of you? Gord knows what she did. [Ed. – Apparently it had something to do with Gord and Jim in dresses. Man, those must have been some wild college days.]
  6. Your pick style has been described as a one-armed man chopping wood. Why has it worked for you? Who said that? Gord? Just remember… that one-armed man still gets the job done, though a little more awkwardly.
  7. Wayne Gretzky had Gordie Howe. Mike Keenan had Scotty Bowman. Happy Gilmore had Chubbs Peterson. Who is your coaching mentor? I have two. Genghis Khan and some guy named Bill. [Ed.- Bill is very pleased to be in such company. Gord is downcast.]
  8. You hinted last year that you would retire yet you are back this year. Did your retirement planner force you back? Let this be a lesson to the young’ins… save, save, save!
  9. If Jesse Palmer, The Bachelor, came to play in the CFL, and Overtime Central had a CFL draft, would you pick him as your quarterback? Not a chance. In Madden 2003 his overall score is really low. I ain’t no dummy. I do my research too! [Ed. – But we thought you liked Average Joes!]
  10. You are currently tied for fourth after 11 weeks, which is the position you finished in last year. Do you have what it takes to finish in the money and challenge for first place? What does it matter? The game’s rigged anyways. [Ed. – We strongly refute any claims our contests are rigged.]

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