August 2006 CFL Pool Segment Winner

Congratulations to CFL4ever for finishing first in the August Segment of the 2006 Overtime Central CFL Pool.

CFL4ever, coached by Bill Maguire, finished with a total of 78 points for August. That total, out of a possible 208 points, equals a 37.5% pick accuracy rate. Close behind this month was Davin Bull Dogs, who fell short of CFL4ever by 2 points.

Bill wins his choice of either a $5 gift certificate at Cineplex Odeon/Galaxy Theatres or a $2 credit on his account. Bill has until September 8th to email Overtime Central regarding his choice in order to collect his prize.

2 Responses to “August 2006 CFL Pool Segment Winner”

  1. Bill Says:

    Woo! Thanks! It was a hard fought battle. I saw how close some of the picks were between the contenders in those weeks.

    I’ll take the movie money!

    Here’s to keeping consistent for the next half of the season!

  2. Jon Says:

    Congrats Bill. Email me where you want it shipped to.

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