10 Questions For Green GG Machine

Overtime Central sits down with the coach of Green GG Machine with 10 questions that soon degenerates into a Mike Wallace-like inquisition.

  1. For all the readers out there, will you reveal your identity? I’ll admit I’m me, but only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  2. What does the name Green GG Machine stand for? I was going to go for Green Machine, but I think I used that one already. So I inserted the GG, which is much better than Grandpa Gord…. [Ed. – We remember when GG stood for Gord’s Goofballs. Gord coached last year’s Green Machine Monster to a second place finish.]
  3. Which CFL team is your favourite? They will drive me around the bend soon but I’m a Rider fan…
  4. You are entrenched in a solid 8th position out of 8 entries, 35 points back of your nearest competitor, this year. Did you ever in your wildest dreams believe you would do this well? I always expect to be last in a professional competition like this, so looking at the standings, I am right on target this year. [Ed. – Flattery will get you nowhere Gord.]
  5. You have a reputation as a professional pool player, cleaning up on on-line and office sports contests. Is this reputation deserved? No, I’m just lucky.
  6. Reports from insiders say that your wife cleaned up in an NHL playoff office draft with players from a team you despise ([cough]Oilers[cough]). Is that what shattered your confidence and sent you into a tail spin this summer? Absolutely, it’s all her fault – but don’t tell her I said that.
  7. To position yourself to win at everything you do, some have claimed you have resorted to unethical behaviour. How do you defend yourself against such claims? As they say, it doesn’t matter how you play the game, it just matters that you win… [Ed. – Not exactly Vince Lombardi, but we get the drift.]
  8. When did you stop this unethical behaviour? Beginning with picks for this year’s CFL pool…. [Ed. – Gord is now on record that all his previous victories in games (hockey, football, baseball, tennis, etc. including video game derivatives), contests (fantasy sports) and games of chance (Gambler, Stock Ticker, etc.) were tainted by his inability to play fair. We hereby ask him to forfeit all titles.]
  9. What do you do with all your ill-gotten gains? Is there a heart in there somewhere? How do you sleep at night? You mean the $12?? I put a down payment on the house I’ve always dreamed of. I sleep well most nights, as long as I don’t think about this year’s pool. [Ed. – Gord must track his winnings like I track my golf score – round down and divide by 5.]
  10. Is trailing by 74 points at the half-way mark just part of your master plan? Do you plan on making a run at this year’s title? The master plan is I’m trying to make Jim feel better so he will come back to Canada for good. Realistically speaking, if the league actually lets me finish out the year I will consider it a huge victory! [Ed. – We would put whether you are allowed to continue to a vote, but we believe there may be some bias against you amongst other coaches.]

Thanks to Gord for being a good sport and handling our questions in a professional manner.

One Response to “10 Questions For Green GG Machine”

  1. Bill Says:

    I like these little interviews of the other teams. All the insights should no doubt help their competitors! I’m sure people are taking notes…

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