Shivers-Tillman Coverage

With the dust mostly settled from this week’s activity in ‘Riderville, here is a list of article links relating to the firing of Roughrider GM Roy Shivers, the hiring of Eric Tillman and the ramifications of these actions for anyone who may have missed them.

Take these events with an even keel. Yes, Shivers needed to go now, because keeping him to the end of the season would put the ‘Riders in a position where Shivers’ plan would be the best one on the table. That plan would be for Coach Danny Barrett to move from Head Coach and Assistant General Manager to General Manager and Richie Hall from Assistant Head Coach to Head Coach. This would not be in the Roughrider best interest, but facing 43 free agents in the coming two years, it might be forced upon them to prevent their player base from disbanding.

Bringing in Eric Tillman know gives him a chance to avoid knee jerk loyalty reactions by players. However, Tillman is not a sure thing. His record is admirable, but he has a history of very brief terms as GM, even when he brings success. His philosophy that the S on the helmet is for Saskatchewan, that is what was here before and will be here after, is what has been missing from this club for 30 years, maybe longer. This club pride will continue with generation of generation of players and alumni, not like the “band together with Roy and Danny because they brought me into the league” loyalty. It should help the ‘Riders in the community and in putting a quality product on the field year after year.

Speculation is already rampant regarding a Barrett replacement for either later this year or after the season. I do not think that is so certain. I definitely do not believe Kent Austin is a good candidate. His downfall in Toronto is that he would not adjust his pass happy, pocket passing game plan to fit the personnel. There is no place in the CFL for a pocket passing style. The current ‘Rider QB‘s would be restricted and less effective by such a system. Dave Ritchie on the other hand brings nothing to the team. A defensive specialist, his style would directly clash against the younger player’s coach Barrett, leading to players looking elsewhere for work when given the prospect of returning to Saskatchewan with Ritchie as coach next year. Barrett may be the best candidate to continue another year and I think Tillman sees that. There are not a lot of tested CFL coaches available to step into this situation.

One Response to “Shivers-Tillman Coverage”

  1. Bill Says:

    If we get some more wins, keep barrett. I think barrett’s only gone if the riders start stinking the place up. I’ve heard austin and ritchie too but i don’t know how that would work here like you say.

    Ritchie is just too funny with some of the comments he can make. I don’t know if he’d work out here. Austin might be a fan fav with his 89 history here but it was truly his choice to abandon the run, then that might not work here either. We’ve got a good Oline with good runners. We need someone that appreciates that!

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