CFL Mid-season Review

The completion of Week 10 culminated the first half of the CFL season last weekend. Half-way points are a good time to review what has happened and re-evaluate the prospects for the second half.

The East has shaped up largely as predicted with Winnipeg and Hamilton trading places in the standings versus our predictions. Our expectation is the East will be very tight the second half of the season, with Winnipeg losing some ground until QB Kevin Glenn can return and Hamilton performing better the second half. At the halfway point, we will predict first to fourth in the East as Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Hamilton with a very tight race for the third playoff position. Three teams will make the playoffs from the East.

In the West, the only position we have correct in our preseason predictions is Edmonton in last place. With plenty of time left, we will stick with our ordering of Calgary, Saskatchewan, B.C. and Edmonton. Saskatchewan’s response to mid-season turmoil and the annual coach-player us-against-everyone attitude against mostly Eastern division opponents will factor into their finish. Calgary can legitimately challenge for first if they stay as healthy as they did the first half. We still expect B.C. to falter, whether by injury or internal implosion. We also see Edmonton firing coach Danny Maciocia after losing the Labour Day rematch, resulting in a 3-8 record with seven games remaining. Most likely it will be too late for them to make any run for the final playoff position.

What are your predictions?

6 Responses to “CFL Mid-season Review”

  1. Jim Says:

    Gord Hanson will have the biggest turn around in CFL pool history and overtake everyone for 1st place. Later he will reveal that he hustled everyone in the first half of the season so that he could win some dough and take an extra trip to Mexico this year.

    Later at least 1 CFL pool team will boycott the 2007 pool citing Gord’s constant winning and arrogance as the sole reason. Riots are a possibility.

  2. Cindy Says:

    From the look of the fantasy points everyone received from last night’s game, I assume no one picked Montreal to win.

  3. Cindy Says:

    Correction, I mean no one picked Calgary to win.

  4. jim Says:

    I was going to pick Montreal to lose, but I still have gotten over being chastised the last time I did that.

    From my perspective, the standings are too close now to go out on a limb. I seem to be falling into my regular 2nd half slump again. I’m thinking about bringing Shivers on board as a consultant.

  5. Jon Says:

    If you let other people affect your picks, you are playing into their hands. If we had all known Calgary would use 10 different trick plays in the game, we may have all predicted differently.

  6. Bill Says:

    yeah – that stupid calgary :)
    and what the hell is up with cavillo? he’s costing me wins!

    now that the riders are done with hamilton, i want those tiger-cats to go on some huge winning streak now and beat up on all those western teams they play!

    I think I like edm in the basement so I might have to want calgary to win. althought we might catch em if they lose. Tough decisions there!

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