CFL Pool Preview Report – Week 10

Whew! A last play field goal gave us our second above .500 week this year. We get back to business with a three game week to try to pull our overall record above break even as well.

Our Record Last Week: 3-1
Our Record Overall: 16-18

Byes: Stampeders, Blue Bombers

Edmonton at B.C. (TSN)

Eskimos: 3-5-0 Last 6 2-4-0
Lions: 6-3-0 Last 6 4-2-0

Notable injuries:
Edmonton – LB Steven Marsh, DB William Loftus, LB A.J. Gass
B.C. – WR Tony Simmons, QB Dave Dickenson

Edmonton head into Vancouver potentially thinking they have turned the corner and are ready to capitalize on a potentially Dickenson-less Lions squad. To bring the Eskimos back to earth let us remember their offence still looked like it has all season, only scoring 17 points. The Lions will not be lying down for Edmonton, Wally Buono has them on a roll and I see a victory at home for B.C., even if backup QB Buck Pierce starts for the second week in a row.

Prediction: B.C. 34 Edmonton 18

Montreal at Toronto (TSN/ RDS)

Alouettes: 7-1-0 Last 6 5-1-0
Argonauts: 3-5-0 Last 6 2-4-0

Notable Injuries:
Montreal – OL Dave Mudge, WR Sylvain Girard, DE R-Kal Truluk
Toronto – RB Ricky Williams, WR Keith Stokes, QB Eric Crouch

Toronto got a much needed victory last week and return home to face the Alouettes who defeated them two weeks ago. Toronto’s injury situation is improving and the coaching staff seems to have solidified the team’s confidence in the offence with the scheme changes and insertion of RB John Avery. Montreal is coming off their first loss off the season and is playing their second game on the road. They will either be ready to get back on track against the first team they face since their loss or not be prepared for a much different Argonaut ball club.

Prediction: Montreal 28 Toronto 22

Hamilton at Saskatchewan (CBC)

Tiger-Cats: 2-7-0 Last 6 2-4-0
Roughriders: 3-5-0 Last 6 2-4-0

Notable injuries:
Hamilton – DB Scott Gordon, DE Anthony Collier
Saskatchewan – WR Jamal Richardson, LB T.J. Stancil, OL Jocelyn Frenette

Hamilton has gone from respectable offensive production early in the season to downright ineptitude recently, scoring a total of 28 points in their last three games. Do not expect that to continue. It is very likely QB Jason Maas and the Ti-Cat offence will shake their doldrums on the road this week after hitting rock bottom recently. Hamilton coach Ron Lancaster will have laid out the consequences of another lacklustre performance this week against his old team. Saskatchewan will be looking for the return of LB Jackie Mitchell to return the defence to shutting offences out of the end zone but Saskatchewan really needs the most improvement on offence. With the possibility that backup QB Marcus Crandell will start in place of a dinged up Kerry Joseph it is unlikely the offence will burn hot. Instead, I give this one to Saskatchewan in a squeaker, but it could go either way.

Prediction: Saskatchewan 23 Hamilton 22

4 Responses to “CFL Pool Preview Report – Week 10”

  1. Bill Says:

    Edmonton tryign to kick field goals – now that was funny!
    I don’t know how long I was laughing after that. I just know I started to cough and gasp for air. Especially how Suiter was saying how they’re doing the smart thing about kicking it on 2nd down so that if bad snap can jump on the ball and rekick. But then Edm decides to run out the clock! Goofs :)
    I heard they didn’t have a time out but I think you could easily get a field goal team on there quick to kick the ball and still have a few seconds left for 3rd down.

    If you’re not even going to save time for 3rd down, why not run it again or position it perfectly for the kick on 3rd?

    That was just funny! Anyone else listen to 630 CHED after the game? Bryan Hall is a funny guy – although I don’t think he’s trying to be :)

    And the guy handling the call-in show did get the thing with saving time for a possible second attempt if bad snap. Caller after caller is trying to explain it and he’s like arguing with them not knowing what they’re talking about.

  2. Jon Says:

    Yeah, that’s two for Edmonton. Saved my bacon on that pick again. It pays to watch the game to the end.

  3. Bill Says:

    Raise your hands if you knew Calvillo would have like his worst game of his career. That was brutal – 5 interceptions. What the hell was he doing?

    For better news, Kenton Keith and Rocky Butler had great games! 200+ yards for kenton! Woo! It’s nice to enjoy a game without getting all nervous and on the edge of the seat at the end of the game.

  4. Jon Says:

    Montreal is hard to predict. 7 wins then last minute loss sends them into that performance? Hard to figure. They looked like their heads were elsewhere.

    With Crandell likely out for a while with a separated elbow, Butler might have to start for another game or two. It’s good he played well, but considering what was given him in field position, he was only 7-15 passing. More reps should help as he showed he has some relationship with the receivers and was making good decisions.

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