Notebook – Page 3

After a long wait, we finally return with the third page of the Notebook. Ottawa expansion, expansion draft, franchise name and the CFL broadcast experience are all on the plate today.

CFL Expansion in Ottawa

With the bid deadline passing and three interested parties known to have bid, a lot of media coverage has been dedicated to this story. On television it has ranged from the positive (Prime Time Sports with Bob McCowan on Sportsnet) to the negative (TSN‘s The Reporters with Dave Hodge). An Ottawa citizen, Virtual Dave, expressed his opinion that the CFL is not wanted in his city, unless there is a winner’s bandwagon to jump on. Sounds like Virtual Dave has his pulse on the sports scene in Ottawa.

CFL Expansion Draft

The Edmonton Sun proposes a player stocking solution for new Ottawa franchise. It is good to see someone outside of Ottawa making such a radical proposal. Even so, despite vocalizations from media and fans (like this blog) about allowing Ottawa to get off to a good start, I expect the CFL Board of Governors to use a system that keeps Ottawa on the same level playing field in terms of the number of imports, very likely putting the Ottawa franchise at a disadvantage. Ottawa fans have gone through enough, if the CFL plans to return to the city after a one-year hiatus I believe they owe them a very competitive team for all the suffering they have been put through the last 25 years. That will go a long way to guaranteeing their acceptance and success in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Ottawa Expansion Franchise Name

The Toronto Star’s Garth Woolsey gives the Rough Riders name a thumbs down. Some believe that the duplicate franchise nicknames makes the league look unprofessional and gives it a lack of credibility. Others believe while it may be kitschy, its part of the Canadian fabric (Bob McCowan). CFL haters will always point to the past use of the duplicate names to disparage the league, whether it currently exists or not, so why not use it. A bilingual name sounds good, if someone can come up with a good one, but that is hard to do and results in a name unfamiliar to both the English and French speaking communities.

CFL Broadcast Experience

Chris Zelkovich of the Toronto Star brings up some points about CFL broadcasts in his media column this week. Instant Replay delays are hurting the CFL game he says, and while the CBC‘s virtual field goal percentage graphic is outstanding, they take a step back by forgetting to display the mini-score box in the last minute of the game. This is something I have noticed Canadian broadcasters do a lot, both TSN and CBC, and primarily in football. After each play, it seems TSN takes the box down to reset the screen clock to the game clock. The CBC also removes the score box from time-to-time, and during their hockey broadcasts as well. For me it is more distracting for the box to appear and disappear, and frustrating when you just tune in and want to know the score, quarter, down and distance and cannot get that information. – Featured Site

Just thought we would shine a spotlight on and the fine, balanced, reporting they are providing on the CFL. Here are a sampling of some of their columns.

Tillman’s Mailbag
Steve Milton – ‘C’ is for cuckoo?
Eric Tillman – Tillman’s memos

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