Bid Deadline Passes, Rough Riders Name Considered

The Ottawa Citizen has published an article stating the Bill Palmer led group has come to an agreement with former Ottawa Rough Riders owner Horn Chen to acquire the Rough Riders name and all marks and logos for $100,000. The purchase is dependent on the group acquiring franchise rights from the league.

Golden Gate Capital Corp. is also reportedly interested in the name if they emerge as the winning bidder. With the other known bid led by Frank D’Angelo expressing thoughts about christening the team Ottawa Steelback or Cheetahs, the Renegade name may die unless an unknown mystery fourth bidder is successful.

Meanwhile, the CFL issued a statement as the August 11 deadline for bids was reached today. Not much can be learned by the statement, and with non-disclosure agreements in place between the league and all bidders more information may not be known until a successful bidder is announced.

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