July 2006 CFL Pool Segment Winner

We have kept secret until now our intentions to offer prizes to the Overtime Central CFL Pool Segment winners starting with the month of July.

Our first winner is bigmc returns, coached by Grant McKinnon, who finished with a July best of 91 points. His total, out of a possible 230 points, came close to breaking the magical 40% barrier, coming in with a 39.5% batting percentage.

Grant wins his choice of either a $5 gift certificate at Cineplex Odeon/Galaxy Theatres or a $2 credit on his account. Grant has until August 7 to email Overtime Central regarding his choice in order to collect his prize.

Players should note that their account balances are now due.

2 Responses to “July 2006 CFL Pool Segment Winner”

  1. Bill Says:

    congrats grant!

  2. jim Says:

    Maybe next time Grampa Gord.

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