CFL Pool Preview Report – Week 6

As the season rolls on, we hope to be hitting our stride soon. So far, if you would have ignored our advice and taking the home team all the time you would be doing better than us.

Our Record Last Week: 1-2
Our Record Overall: 7-11

Hamilton at Montreal (TSN/RDS)

Tiger-Cats: 1-4-0 Last 6 1-4-0
Alouettes: 4-0-0 Last 6 4-0-0

Notable injuries:
Hamilton – RB Josh Ranek, OL Wayne Smith, LB Renard Cox
Montreal – WR Ezra Landry, LB Kai Ellis, DE R-Kal Truluck, OL Dave Mudge

Montreal is on one of its early season rolls and nothing seems to be able to stop them, no matter how bad they play. Hamilton coach Ron Lancaster is sticking with QB Jason Maas, waiting for a breakout game that will propel him with confidence to perform to their expectations for the rest of the season. He will have a tough job breaking out against Montreal, which has only given up an average of 17 points a game and only 4 points in the second half. Hamilton, even though they got their first win last week, will fall to the Alouettes.

Prediction: Montreal 33 Hamilton 29

Winnipeg at Edmonton (TSN)

Blue Bombers: 3-2-0 Last 6 3-2-0
Eskimos: 2-2-0 Last 6 2-2-0

Notable Injuries:
Winnipeg – OL Dan Goodspeed, OL Matt Sheridan, CB Omar Evans, QB Mike Quinn
Edmonton – DB William Loftus, LB A.J. Gass, SB Derrell Mitchell

Edmonton is coming off a bye week and purged a few players (RB Dahrran Diedrick, LB Sherrod Coates) this week in preparation for their rematch with the Bombers. The Eskimos have a sense of panic about them with these minor player moves, knowing that their 2-2 could easily be 0-4. Edmonton coach Danny Maciocia has also given up on signing OL Kevin Lefsrud, apparently happy with his five starting linemen. Winnipeg received a wake up call at home last week and wants to get their offence back on track after taking the second half off against Montreal. Whether Edmonton will be able to shut down the high scoring attack of Kevin Glen, Milt Stegall, Chris Brazzel and Charles Roberts will determine the outcome.

Prediction: Winnipeg 30 Edmonton 22

B.C. at Calgary (TSN)

Lions: 2-3-0 Last 6 2-3-0
Calgary: 3-2-0 Last 6 3-2-0

Notable injuries:
B.C. – SB Jason Clermont, WR Tony Simmons
Calgary – LB Brian Clark

Calgary finds a perfect opponent to resume their potent attack against at home. The Lions have been abysmal in the second half, giving up major points while the offence turns over the ball and comes up short. B.C.’s struggles extend back to last year after their 11-win streak ended. They have only won three games since it was broken. Lions coach Wally Buono will attempt to shake things up by leaving RB Antonio Warren at home and starting Joe Smith in his place. Calgary should be favoured, as they want their offence to explode in front of their home fans.

Prediction: Calgary 31 B.C. 27

Toronto at Saskatchewan (CBC)

Argonauts: 1-3-0 Last 6 1-3-0
Roughriders: 2-2-0 Last 6 2-2-0

Notable injuries:
Toronto – S Charles Winters, WR Michael Palmer
Saskatchewan – WR Jamal Richardson

Toronto looks to get a boost from the return of LB Michael Fletcher and QB Damon Allen, who will dress but not start. Coming off the bye, the Argos are struggling and my belief is that RB Ricky Williams has upset the internal balance on the team. Toronto will also be without Db Clifford Ivory who has been suspended one game for a late hit away from the play in a game against Winnipeg July 8th. Saskatchewan wants to erase a loss in their last home game with a good performance to keep pace in the West. A key factor will be the performance of Jamal Richardson’s replacement in the crucial third explosive receiver spot on this offence.

Prediction: Saskatchewan 34 Toronto 21

14 Responses to “CFL Pool Preview Report – Week 6”

  1. jim Says:

    Seems to be a very key week for teams in the pool. Could be wrong, but this week just might be a big turning point separating the contenders from the riff-raff. We’ll see which group I fall into.

    P.S. – Once again I request to know the owners of each team involved in the pool. If Gord’s winning again, I’m gonna vomit.

  2. jim Says:

    Typo… separate not seperate. Sorry, breathing in too much smog.

  3. Jon Says:

    Typo fixed. As for knowing the owners of the teams, I don’t know if you will know all of them, but maybe they will introduce themselves. If they want to post their identities here they can.

  4. jim Says:

    Cut the crap and just tell me which one is Gord Hanson so I can beware of the cheap cowardly tricks of deception that he plays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Winning’s not everything Gord!!!!

  5. Jon Says:

    Gord is Green GG Machine, last place currently. He’s rattled this year, I can see the sweat pouring off him as he struggles to come up with the correct picks this week. He’s probably never finished last in any contest, so is feeling the pressure to move up and maintain his meaningless spotless record.

  6. jim Says:

    You just made my day
    One word for ya Gord………. ‘Karma’
    And what does the GG stand for

  7. Jon Says:

    I think it’s time you revealed your team name for all to know.

  8. jim Says:

    What’s a guy got to do to get Gord to give a response on here. Geesh.
    Not that anyone cares, but sure I’ll ‘reveal’ my team.

    My team name is a tribute to the late Joe Faragalli.
    Joe will lead me to the league title.

    Keeping my eye on the prize.

  9. Cindy Says:

    A question befor the game tonight, hoping to improve my performance, how is Saskatchewan’s new offensive co-ordinator?

  10. Cindy Says:

    Also, you forgot to mention Damon Allen is injured for Toronto, didn’t you? Or am I mixed up?

    By the way, what time is the game tonight. It says 4:00 p.m. but that can’t be right, can it?

  11. Jon Says:


    Offensive Coordinator
    You’ve see all the games, the proof is in the pudding. Definitely a more attack style rather than ball control. Problems on offence aren’t with the game plan, but with hanging on to the ball and playing consistently.

    Damon Allen
    If you would have read the preview, it says he is dressing but not starting. This was the best information available at the time of writing. It has since been announced that though he made the trip he will not dress.

    Game Time
    The game is at 5:00 pm. If the site is showing a different time (what page?) it may be because your timezone is different. I checked and corrected the problem affecting daylight savings zones. The Make Picks page should show the correct game time now.

  12. jim Says:

    You fools. Never bet on the Riders. Haven’t Joe and I taught you anything?

  13. gord Says:

    I guess I have been betting on the riders too many times. jim, I can’t believe you ditched mervyn f after the job he did for you last year….GG stands for grandpa gord.

  14. jim Says:

    Gord, nice to hear from you!!!!

    But I need to clarify. Mervyn actually canned me before the end of the season as you might remember. I decided to enter my own team this year so that I cannot be fired.
    However, word on the street is that Swervin’ Merv might enter this contest yet, just to see if he can catch you with more last minute dramatics. On the other hand, last I heard he was in rehab or something.

    See ya gramps!

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