NHL Playoff Questions

Some questions for which the answer is obvious have come to mind during this year’s spring playoff run.

Are Calgary fans ashamed of the way they sat on their hands while their team went down in the first round while Edmonton has been powered by their fan support? A playoff game as an excuse for partying while the arena is quiet does not make the world’s best fans.

Are there still naysayers out there claiming the new NHL rules make for boring hockey and less hitting? Everything I’ve seen this year has been fast-paced with a mixture of high and low scoring games and physical play.

Will the Ottawa Senators ever get through a playoff season where they don’t run into a goaltender who stands on his head? Surely there is no 100 year old curse on this club.

What is the deal with Todd Harvey’s moustache? Maybe that one does need answering.

Why is the CBC using Bob Cole and Harry Neale as the broadcast team on the Edmonton – Anaheim series? Surely the brass understands that Jim Hughson and anybody else is their top broadcast team. It’s time to put Gummy Joe and Chester out to pasture.

2 Responses to “NHL Playoff Questions”

  1. jim Says:

    I, for one, am impressed that the NHL stuck to their guns and it seems that hockey has been much improved this season. Haven’t been able to see any of it really, but heard good things. Saw a goal a couple of days ago (I think it was Edmonton) where they were shorthanded and the goalie backhanded the puck up high through the neutral zone to the far blueline and a player picked it up for a breakaway and scored. That’s nice when a play like that can happen once in a while.
    All junior leagues need to quickly follow the NHL’s lead.

  2. Jon Says:

    Yeah that was a good goal. Samsonov coming out of the penalty box. There have been a lot more of odd man breaks and guys in alone in my opinion. Teams coming back and offensive explosions (3 goals in 2 minutes).

    The CHL adopted most of the NHL rules already I think. The red line is gone and the crazy lines to keep the goaltender from playing the puck are there. I don’t know if they have things like no line change if you ice the puck though.

    Moose Jaw went past the second round for the first time ever this year all the way to the WHL final playing the early eighties style so its come back everywhere.

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