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Announcing the 2006 CFL Pool

Monday, May 22nd, 2006 by Jon

With CFL training camps underway this weekend we are reminded of the approaching CFL season. While other commitments and circumstances have delayed the development of the new Overtime Central, we are pleased to announce our annual CFL Pool contest for 2006. Update: The regular season begins June 16th so start thinking about your team name and get signed up today.

The rules are basically the same as previous years with some slight differences in scoring. Correctly predicting a game will go into overtime has increased from 15 points to 25 points. Correctly predicting a tie game after any overtime (submitting a tie score and game ends tied no matter the score) has increased from 20 points to 50 points. Finally, predicting the correct reverse score (both team scores reversed) has increased from 2 points to 3 points.

The other change to the contest this year is it will be for the regular season only. A separate contest for the playoffs and Grey Cup will be held. With a reduced schedule this year but over 20 weeks there will be fewer opportunities to hold off the competition. All 72 games are televised this year so you can watch all the action on CBC and TSN and follow your progress at Overtime Central. Check the full contest rules and sign up today.

After clearing the slate on account balances we debated whether having an entry fee and monetary prizes this year. In the end we decided that prize money is the motivating factor for most so we have set the same entry fee as in the past. Besides the main contest prizes, special recognition will be given to the monthly and weekly segment winners.

Sign up today and invite your friends to enter the 2006 CFL Pool.

NHL Playoff Questions

Monday, May 22nd, 2006 by Jon

Some questions for which the answer is obvious have come to mind during this year’s spring playoff run.

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