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‘Rider 2005 Recap: Part 3

Thursday, December 29th, 2005 by Jon

Let’s jump right in with my evaluation of the Defence.

‘Rider 2005 Recap: Part 2

Wednesday, December 28th, 2005 by Jon

Well, let’s jump right in with my evaluation of the Offence and Special Teams.

‘Rider 2005 Recap: Part 1

Tuesday, December 27th, 2005 by Jon

2005 was a pivotal year for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Five years into the Roy Shivers/Danny Barrett regime expectations were high. A strong finish to 2004 and a playoff run that was only one field goal away from a Grey Cup appearance setup 2005 as a break-out or break-up year. However off-season moves changed the complexion of the team in 2005 and it underwent its standard turmoil during the season. Despite a disappointing season on and off field, the ‘Rider executive maintained the status quo for football operations. It is still to be seen what player changes may happen for the upcoming training camp. Here is my evaluation of the team performance in 2005 starting with Part 1 – Season Review and Football Operations.

New Home

Saturday, December 24th, 2005 by Jon

If you are reading this, Overtime Central has successfully moved to its new home. Leave a comment so we know people are getting here. If you see any wierdness, please leave a comment or send us an email.

Things should be faster now, and hopefully a dedicated hoster will give us more time for development.

A Call for Commentators

Monday, December 12th, 2005 by Jon

Overtime Central is looking for individuals to act as guest commentators for Overtime Central. The only condition is that the commentary must be sports related, whether from a business, on-field, fan or sports-betting perspective. Articles may be about a specific topic or general, touching on many issues.

Commentary will be edited for spelling and grammatical accuracy (up to my level anyway). Article length can range from a few paragraphs to a few pages. No editing of content will be undertaken. You may be decide to be credited with your name or use a pseudonym.

If you are interested please submit your article idea to Almost any proposal meeting our conditions will get published, but please get approval before you start writing. We thank you in advance for your interest.

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  • April 10, 2007
    Other Bomber Stadium Proposal Revealed → A half-a-billion dollar fully covered stadium/hotel/waterpark and retail space complex proposed by Canad Inns. Also calls for $80 million in government money for stadium and $29 million in tax abatement from the city. This proposal will obviously be a fan favourite due to the covered stadium and Bomber franchise remains community owned. However, I don’t know if the St. Boniface location is popular among fans. There is still one Bomber/unknown developer proposal to be revealed. #
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