Overtime Central Post-Season Awards

Congratulations to Goolash! Don’t spend it all in one place!

The following awards were handed out in a ceremony before this broadcast.

Worst Attempt To Predict Prowess With Team Name

50 percent (who finished 7 out of 7 with 30.15% prediction rate)

Worst Attempt to Buy Some Street Cred

50 percent (take off of 50 cent or fitty cent if you please)

Most Predictions Accurate Within 2 Points of Both Home and Away Team Scores

Swervin’Mervyn (4)

Most Perfect Predictions

50 percent (1)

Most Almost Perfect Predictions except for that dang Overtime

50 percent (1)

Most Coaching Changes in a Season

Swervin’Mervyn (2)

Lack Of Stamina Award

Green Monster who lead 13 of 14 weeks before falling out of first for good in Week 20.

Best Attempt to Monopolize Prizes

Goolash and Cowgirls, who may or may not have been entered by the same person.

Most Goose Egg Games

Tie: 50 percent, Goolash, Swervin’Mervyn (1)

Most Fantasy Point Games over 10

Swervin’Mervyn (5)

Best Team Name


Best Team Name based on Former CFL Star


Best Team Name to pay homage to the Saskatchewan Roughriders

Green Monster

Best Use of a Dog Breed in a Team Name

Davin Bull Dogs

Special Achievement Award

John Madden for getting out of bed to make his picks

Most Predictions That ‘Riders Would Lose

Swervin’Mervyn (11)
Honourable Mention: Green Monster (10)

Least Predictions That ‘Riders Would Lose

bigmc (0)
Honourable Mentions: 50 percent and Cowgirls (2)

Most Correct Predictions That ‘Riders Would Lose

Tie: Swervin’Mervyn, Green Monster (6)

Editor Note: See anything you can learn from for next year poolies?

Biggest Comeback

Swervin’Mervyn, jumping 3 positions with his 18 point final game to go from embarrassing 7th to oh so close 4th.

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