This is an open post to collect your opinion on a variety of subjects.

A little background: Two plays this week and some luck helped me to a 40 point week. First, a reversed call in the Toronto-Ottawa game allowed my prediction of 29-18 to stand. Second, a blocked field goal returned for a TD (plus no convert) on the last play of the B.C.-Saskatchewan game allowed me to score points for a perfect Saskatchewan score and a 68.75% game percentage. That and some luck on Hamilton’s and Montreal’s wins help me win the week and month. After being in the basement much of the season, I now set my sights on Cowgirls and Goolash to finish with some respectability.

What do you think of:

  • 50 Percent’s (coach Jon Fedyk) perfect score in the Ottawa-Toronto game and 40 pts (66.67%) for week 15?
  • Officiating in the CFL this year?
  • Swervin’Mervyn firing Jim Fedyk and replacing him with the CFL naive John Madden?
  • The ‘Rider late season surge?
  • Fans and media calling for fewer penalties in the NHL since hockey is being ruined by all the obstruction calls?
  • Baseball’s playoff run?

Comment on any or all of these items or anything else you want to talk about.

6 Responses to “Opinions”

  1. jim Says:

    50 Percent’s perfect score- something smells fishy
    CFL officiating- haven’t got a clue but it probably hurt me in the standings
    Fedyk getting fired- could come back to haunt them
    Rider surge- it hurt me in the standings
    NHL- hockey has long since been ruined
    Baseball playoffs- Dongsan tigers are beating the Woosung Lions (MLB I don’t know)

  2. Jon Says:

    I was surprised as anyone by my week 15 fortunes. 1 out of 15 weeks isn’t bad. Better than Jimmy the Greek. I am making Toronto over Edmonton my “Lock of the Week”.

    You are so negative on hockey. While I can’t argue, I find the broadcasters ad campaign for “Hockey That Matters” etc. rather unsettling considering all the hockey they coverered last year to fill time. What, no one played hockey the past 19 months? But you turn it into big business (not just the NHL, but Jr., everywhere) you get people who want treat it as a business at all levels, players, coaches, owners, sponsors, broadcasters and fans. It lost something when they stopped playing for the societal impact of the game. Just like the Olympics hasn’t been about pushing man’s natural physical limits since the end of World War II.

  3. jim Says:

    I dont’ think I’m negative on hockey. I think the ideas the NHL has presented look good on paper. However, this isn’t the first time the NHL has ‘cracked’ down on obstruction, etc. Didn’t work before. As I haven’t been able to watch any hockey here, I am unaware if it is working or not.
    What troubles me is how gullible fans are. The league and players just took away the game for a season, and to get people excited again and back in the rink they released this marketing campaign. Smart move by the NHL. The new rules are 20% about hockey and 80% about marketing.
    Zombie fans flock back to the rink because they’re promised a ‘new’ game. They completely forget the lockout.
    About the rules… No red line- I don’t think makes a lot of difference. It accounts for a goal or two here or there but doesn’t significantly change the game. I’m fine with it (I’ll pick my battles).
    New goalie zone- Stupid idea. Goalies have to judge whether the puck will slow down before it reaches the zone before leaving their net. What if they leave their net on a hard wrap around, the puck hits their equipment and bounces only inches outside of this zone. They can’t play the puck, but are in a very vulnerable position. If you want to keep goalies in their net, there has to be a better way to do it. This is my interpretation anyways. Reminds me of the “can’t have your toe in the crease and score a goal at the same time” rule. The NHL looked really professional when the Stanley Cup game winning goal was scored that way.
    Obstruction- I don’t know if players can adapt after doing it for years the other way. Maybe so. However if players aren’t allowed to screen out for each other I can see some major injuries. Hockey is sometimes too fast. Retrieving a puck in the corner when a guy is barrelling at you is not always safe and the first guy has little way to protect himself. That’s why he needs his partner to slow up the forechecker a little bit.
    Most fans don’t agree with me, but what I appreciate about the game is the battle. I don’t mind seeing players have to battle through sticks and the occasional arm (within reason). I like the guy who can stand in front of the net and take 30 seconds of abuse before scoring a goal. It’s not a coincidence that all the players who love the obstruction crackdown are at the end of their careers. Taking the easy way out as they don’t really want to battle anymore.
    If the NHL is correct, fans want more speed and more goals. To me, more goals means more games that aren’t close. I’d rather watch a 2-1 nailbiter than a 9-6 shootout.
    Anyways, until hockey is a major pro sport (which is never) people will always want to change the game. The view will always be that there is something wrong with the game.
    Yes, money or the chase for more is the problem. If they really wanted better hockey, they’d drop at least 20 games off the schedule. You can’t expect a good effort that many times in a season. Go watch a game that isn’t televised. I’ll bet that it puts you to sleep. They’re saving their energy for the cameras.
    I hope the hockey looks good this year. But faster hockey will just confuse the Americans even more, won’t it? They’ll never find the puck now. American cameramen will have to just zoom out and take a shot of the entire rink, so they don’t miss the play.
    In short, it dont’ seem to be ‘My NHL’.

    p.s.- why don’t other users contribute to this site? I feel like a chump.

  4. Jon Says:

    No doubt people have flocked back, but would have without rule changes as well. They are so ingrained that hockey is their identity as males, Canadians, whatever that they have no choice.

    So far, from what I have seen, there is a serious effort to call penalties. This time they had a plan besides just “referees are gonna call the book” and after the players don’t adjust the referees find they can’t call 40 penalties a game it goes back to normal. They had a plan, video for coaches and players saying this used to be let go, now it is a penalty. And they are sticking to it, no matter how much Pat Quinn complains. That alone, without considering other rules changes, has made the game faster and more enjoyable to watch.

    But what is cracked down on is the change of possesion neutral zone stuff and the guy pounding you in the back in front of the net. I don’t think guys will be getting hurt in the corners. For one there is a lot more movement out there, no one stands still. The battles are there, they might not always be a physical battle, but of skill. It does remind me a lot of hockey 25 years ago. Some games will be more physical than others. But everyone, no matter what teams, won’t be 2-1 with less that 20 shots per goal per side.

    By my totally unofficial observations it seems that scoring is up(but 6-4 or less more likely than 9-6), shots on goal are up and lead changes are up. Teams have come back after being down 1 or 2 on the road. That is where the excitement was lacking before. But time will tell, because you can’t say any of this is due solely to the rule changes. Players haven’t played in the NHL for a year (and half played in Europe). There is a lot of player movement. There are a lot of young players in the league. Many coaches and management have adopted totally different styles to match the new rules, Jacques Lemaire in Minnesota the exception. Any of these could affect results. But when you see Lemieux zipping around and scoring goals without someone on his back something is right.

    What I am still not comfortable with is no-red line. With all the penaties I really see it affecting the penalty kill. If you don’t get it out deep to make your player change, one pass and there are breakaways, 2-on-1 or 3-on-1 for the power play team. Hence the PP running 20-35% when for the last 10 years if you could break 20% you were tops in the league. I have to wait some more and watch some full games before I give a final judgement on everything.

    There is no more American TV. Only regional networks. Outdoor Life Network is their national network to replace ESPN2 and they only show one game a week. They are paying NBC to show their games Saturdays for 4 weeks starting in January with 2 more weeks in April at the end of the season. The CFL on cable is outdrawing the NHL in the states now. Its sad but it spells retraction if any of the franchises don’t draw fans to the building.

    But the NHL isn’t hockey. Everyone believes it is, helped by the media (“a year without hockey”). Despite that, new rules have been adopted at least as far down as Jr., don’t know how much farther Hockey Canada pushed them.

    The chumps are the other visitors who don’t want to comment. They don’t even have to leave their real name. People without opinions I guess, getting sucked into the marketing machine of sports and afraid to criticise it.

  5. Cindy Says:

    I haven’t even watched a game yet this year. I’m still watching football. If there is a football game on I will have the TV on, but I didn’t even switch the channel to CBC on Saturday night for Hockey Night in Canada, something I always used to do.

    I think the Canadian fans are brainwashed. All the bar owners along the Red Mile were packed the first night Calgary played. Personally I would go watch football or Jr hockey before I would go to a Flames game, but most people don’t feel like that I think. (Of course I don’t have time or money to do any of those right now).

    I can’t comment on rule changes, game pace, etc. I don’t know enough about it. I would rather watch a good game rather than a high scoring game.

    That is interesting about American TV. I didn’t know they had been dropped. That’s gotta hurt.

    Jon, I do not know where you find the time or energy to keep up on all of this stuff, you seem to know a lot about a lot of things. If there is something I need to know, I guess I should just ask you.

  6. Jon Says:

    They don’t realize they are just being sold. Sold to the corporations to buy more beer, more SUV’s and more Viagra. It’s not about hockey.

    I don’t know that much. I just make it up based on the little bits I hear now and then and dream once in a while.

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